Windows Live for TV (Orbit) on Windows 2003 Server

Today I wanted to install "Windows Live for TV (Orbit)" on my Windows Server 2003 (you know I love this OS, I have vista ultimate installed, but this is something else, I’m waiting for Longhorn Server), If you try this you will get an untrusted something error, so the only thing is needed is that you iimport "MS Codesign certificate.cer" (with CertMgr.exe, "certmgr.exe -add certificate.cer -c -s -r localMachine TrustedPublisher") you can find the certificate file from installing it into some vista you have or just try to open the Orbit.msi (you can use PowerArchiver with needed add-on). And after that when you go to original XBAP URL, you’ll see the orbit in Windows Server 2003.
Remember nothing is impossible,
Sadjad Bahmanpour

Marvell Onboard Yukon 88E8056 Driver Problem

I have two Gigabyte "GA-965P-S3" mainboard which has an onboard "Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet" installed on them. I found these two critical problems on them:
1) When you try to install Windows Vista (Every version/ 32bit or 64bit/ X86 X64) the windows setup will hang and if you restart the computer the setup would gives an error and you have to do it agian. Solution: First disable the intergrated LAN from the bios then try to install, after successfull installation then restart the computer, trun the feature on again and let the windows setup the driver for this hardware.
2) In Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise Edition 32bit) (I do not know about XP) if you try to disable/enable the network connection from windows the system would start to write (I do not know what!) on the disk and it will damange your data and I think if you do not restart it it will damage the hardware HDD, so do not try it on your own machine. I tried the supplied driver/ new driver from (by now I have this is the driver version) and newest from all of them have the same problem, do not try to disable/enable the connection from windows (so time it is ok, but if you try it more you’ll see what I mean!)
Hope this will be solved by those vendors.
Sadjad Bahmanpour

Windows Vista TimeZone Daylight Saving Problem

This is my first day of blog and I can’t stop writing 😀

After installing windows vista on my laptop I’ve just found that the Windows Vista have the same Timezone daylight saving problem as all other windows, I just set the Timezone to Tehran +3:30 but the windows told me that there would be daylight saving someday, but there is no daylight saving in iran since presidient ahmadinejad this year (2006) came from no where told that "There must be no daylight saving!!!!!!!!!" (He never think about things he says :D).

Microsoft solved the iran daylight saving problem with united state daylight saving changes details can be found , but they said that windows vista has no need for update (it has the lates tzi database), but WHAT ABOUT US!! (as michael jackson said!). So I decide to DO IT YOURSELF, and I’ve made the changes regarding to , so everything is fine now, no problem and no daylight saving in VISTA!

Dell Latitude D810 Touchpad Vista Driver

Today I’ve installed Windows Vista ultimate 32bit on my latitude D810 which I’ve bought last year, I’ve realized that microsoft issued all the drivers I need, I just update the windows and everything was just fine. Oh just one thing, the Touchpad/Stick driver was not installed, it was just a mouse, but as you know dell new laptops’ touchpads (mine is Alps Touchpad) have some biltin gesture support, so you can assign H/V scroll and forward/backward into touchpad just via driver! So I tested the Windows XP driver that dell provide on Beta2/RC1/RC2 all have problems, every time windows start it gets an error, but if you pass that, it will work!
I just checked the for new vista driver for the D810, but nothing for touchpad, I known that there is some new drivers for Inspiron/XPS 630M touchpad for vista but their touchpad is something else! so I check the D820, WOW there is new driver for the touchpad I just tested it and it is working well, no errors.

DVD playback problem

If you want to run a .vob file with Media Player from any location with & (ampersand & …) in it (eq. "C:My DVD & VideosDVD1VIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.VOB") you’ll get "Windows Media Player cannot skip to the requested location on the DVD" or you’ll see "F" in "List Pane"
with a "Red Cross" on the left and if you click on the cross and then "Error Details" you’ll see the above error now.
So if you have this problem just remove the & from the location name (Rename the folder) and try again, this will solve the problem.
I’ve tested this in Windows 2003 enterprise/Windows Vista ultimate and via Windows Media Player 11/10 with Cyberlink/Microsoft/NVidia DVD decoders, all have the same problem, so by now I now this is the media player problem not the decoders, but I donot know about other players just like Cyberlink PowerDVD (oh I tested the Media Player Classic from K-Lite Codecpack this worked like a charm!!!!).
So if you know more just comment!

First of The First

So, I just decided to start my BLOG, I had decide this many year before but every time I start something just happend.
Lets start, I’m ‘Sadjad Bahmanpour’ and I am just graduate from ‘BS – Software Engineering’, I’ve been using computer since I was 8-9 and I started programming when I was 10, so by now on I learned alot in this field.
Programming language I know & worked with them: "Microsoft Quick Basic, Borland C++, Assebmly, Pascal, Borland C++Builder, Delphi, Visual Basic, C#, Visual C++, Visual Basic .Net"
Technologies I’ve tried and known: ".Net 1.1/2.0/3.0, XML, XSL, XSLT, XSD, Windows API, Workflow, eForms, PDF (You cannot believe how big is this)"
By now I’m trying to work on some Microsoft Certificate to challenge my knowledge in these courses, so by now I’m working on some MCTS exams!
I think this is enough about me for now, I think I’ve learned alot and much much more to learn so I just want to write about those I know and if you comment I’ll learn those I don’t.
So if you found this blog intersting please comment on the entries so I would learn what to do next,
Thanks for reading this,