Visual Studio 2015 aspx editor error after upgrading Windows 10 Insider Builds

With some Windows 10 Insider build like 14328, when you perform the upgrade process, now each time you open your Visual Studio 2015 to access an ASPX file, the IDE gives you an error like

blah blah, see %APPDATA%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\ActivityLog.xml for more information.

if you open the ActivityLog.xml file the last line looks like

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'stdole, Version=7.0.3300.0

The solution is to reregister “stdole.dll” into your GAC folder, one way to do so is via following command

gacutil.exe /i "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\Primary Interop Assemblies\stdole.dll"

Windows 8 Shared Printer Driver

I’ve updated my work PC to windows 8 couple weeks ago and everything is fine but the Printer driver. We have a HP LaserJet 2200DT which is connected to Windows XP and is shared to the whole work network. And we always just connect to that computer like \\DEL2400 and then click on shared printer name called “HPLaserJ” and windows would install the driver and connect and everything was good. But in Windows 8 we I clicked on the printer “Windows Printer Installation” window opens and try to “Looking for a driver” and then “No driver found” with this description “Windows can’t find a driver for HP LaserJet 220 Series PCL on network. To locate one manually, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel and consult your …”. And here are the screen shots:

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The Windows 8, Part 2

For past week I’ve been using Windows 8 as the main PC’s OS, and I’m willing to write here about its problems and their solutions. The last problem I had was VPN connection problem. As I upgraded my Windows 7, so my VPN Connection was upgraded too and if I use the Administrator user the connection was all right. But when I add my Microsoft Account, the VPN connection starts to give me errors, like 691 and things about “bad username or password”. As I’ve searched I came into

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The Windows 8

This has been months since I wrote something here, I’ve been down for month but now things are like to getting better.

Couple of nights ago I’ve installed Windows 8 Customer Preview, and here are my comments:

1) First the installation process is great, easy and completely flawless. I’ve upgraded my Windows 7 installation and it went so great. Zune, FIFA 2010, Visual Studio 2010 and also Windows Media Center TV settings were upgraded with no problems.

2) Windows Store is no accessible from IRAN (I hate you Mahmoud Ahmadinejad even MORE!)

3) After adding my Windows Live ID (Now changed to Microsoft Account) some security issues happened, and here are things I did to overcome that:

Change owner of your folder from “Administrator” to “Administrators”, also add the “Administrators” to their users and set it to “Full Control” permission.

Login via the Administrator and change the Microsoft Account user to “Administrator Type”. Also while logged change the UAC control to lower settings if you don’t like to be bothered by the OS.

4) After hours of using the Windows 8, I feel it is slow and by slow I mean:

Right click on desktop takes about 10 seconds to open context menu.

Contacts, Music, Photos, Video and all other applications (Metro UI Apps) take about 5-10 seconds to open.

Windows Photo Viewer take about 5 seconds to open up.

Windows Media Player/ Media Player Classic Homecinema open fast but take 5-10 seconds to start playing files.

And my computer is Core i3 3.4 GHz, 4GB Ram, SSD, NVidia 460 GTX (XFX). So after a research using Bing (not Google) I have found out reinstalling NVidia Driver would solve all those problems.

If you live in IRAN you might know that NVidia has filtered our access to download location, you can download it from which is my cloud storage.

Beside those problems which was caused again by third party apps (as always by NVidia, ATI, Adobe, etc.) the Windows 8 can be better that Windows 7.

I said “CAN be better” because it seems like to be polished before it can be better, in other words it is like its “Child Drawn Fish Icon”, and I hope Microsoft would provider a lot of updates before its release time so we can test it or else it will be as VISA THE FAILURE.

Sadjad Bahmanpour

Windows 7 HomeGroup Problem

I’ve always been using Microsoft Windows Domain Controller for managing more than one computer (Which I always had more than 4) but after moving to my own appartment I’ve disjoined my two computers from the old domain. Last couple of days I’ve been playing with HomeGroup of Windows 7 and I have a weird problem.

Editing Widows Default Daylight Saving – حل مشکل تغییر اتوماتیک ساعت در Windows

Note: This post was originally made just for Iranian windows users but you might use it, if you have same problem.

As you might notice we have a president who what ever he think is right, but most of time he is wrong about deciding rights; one of the things he thought was right to do, was to decide not to change the time on spring of 2007 (بهار سال 1386); as you might also know, we in iran change our time twice a year once on the first day of spring (-1 hour) and once on the first day of autumn (+1 hour) and this is good as many other countries do so.
But he (Mr. President) just decide not to it (I think to see what will happen 😀 ) and BOOM, we got xxxed, I mean all the computers (We mostly use windows) set the wrong time, so what to do? so people try to disable the automatic update or automatic daylight saving; but in the domain mode everything is difference for 8-9 months we had problems with time, that was not OK (but I think he never thought about it; mostly he never think about IT; does he know IT even exists? I don’t think so).
So the Microsoft helped us with a new update to solve the problem you can read about it here
But then as always BOOM, he again decided to return things back to its original state, and again everything went wrong!!!! What do we have to do this time???
I read the article came with the update and I just found out that the each time zone and their related daylight savings are saved in registry here HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionTime Zones{Your Time Zone}
And also Microsoft came with a time zone editor tool that you can download from here TZEdit.exe
I just got to tell that the daylight saving settings is some how different than what you might think of it; I mean it is saved in "Nth week of January" like; but if your country is like us "1st Day of Spring" you have to make one daylight saving for each year, you might take a look at "Israel Standard Time" (after applying the update) and see how many years they’ve just defined.

Anyway I just created this for Iran so:
اگه شما هم مثل من با تغییر اتوماتیک ساعت در Windows مشکل دارین و نمی خواین Automatic Internet time synchronization را خاموش کنید:
(Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server)

You can download it here

if it helped you somehow just leave me a comment,
Sadjad Bahmanpour

Windows Server 2008 RC1 DVD Playback Problems

After upgrading my Windows Server 2008 from RC0 to November CTP and then to RC1 Enterprise, I experienced lots of DVD Playback problems, like on right panel it will just show the Drive Letter like “E” or “D” or “F” instead of some Chapters and Titles and also I couldn’t playback some DVDs. And the most weird part is on right panel if you right click on currently playing file name and then click properties nothing will show up, I mean no actions will be done. And Even weirder (weirder than the most weird thing) is this, if you open Tools -> Options the “Option Page” has only one tab named “Burn”, here is the screen shot:

Windows Server 2008 RC1 DVD Playback Problems
Windows Server 2008 RC1 DVD Playback Problems

That’s it, this is the whole Option page you’ll see in Windows Media Player in Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, with version number set to: 11.0.6001.6346

It think this is a big mistake, and I hope will be solved some time around release, or the Server 2008 wouldn’t worth a damn.

I also posted this on Microsoft Technet Forum and I’m waiting for an answer here

Anyway, if you have the same problem or you know something about it just leave me a comment,

Sadjad Bahmanpour