Pioneer ControlAV for Windows Phone

Since Pioneer don’t want to create their own “Pioneer ControlAV” for Windows Phone, so I did the honor and made the app and today it has been approved through Microsoft Windows Phone Store. You can buy it from here

Pioneer has iControlAV2 in Apple App Store (you can check it out here) and also they did published the app in Google Play for android (you can check it out here). You can find more information about this application in here.

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iOS 6 Safari and Chrome Crashing Bug

Apple has released iOS 6.0 and within has introduced lots of bugs instead of lots of features, from “Crapy Maps to Crapy Browser”.

After many people updated their iPads and iPhones to iOS 6 they had browser crashing problem (Both Safari and Chrome) with our aging web-based software. After hours of studying this new problem I’ve found that problem is this:

  • You have a web page named “index.htm” it has 3 frames (frameset or iframe), “HeaderFrame”, “BodyFrame”, “FooterFrame”.
  • In “BodyFrame” you have an anchor with its “Target” is set to “_Parent”, and point to web page with is formatted like “index.htm” but with different frames. This mean that this anchor is try to direct the whole page to new location not just the frame.

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Another day, another hack

As you might heard or surfed you’ll know that 450000 yahoo password has been hacked, because yahoo forgot to encrypt the password in one of their services. I’ve always hated yahoo 😀

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The Windows 8, Part 2

For past week I’ve been using Windows 8 as the main PC’s OS, and I’m willing to write here about its problems and their solutions. The last problem I had was VPN connection problem. As I upgraded my Windows 7, so my VPN Connection was upgraded too and if I use the Administrator user the connection was all right. But when I add my Microsoft Account, the VPN connection starts to give me errors, like 691 and things about “bad username or password”. As I’ve searched I came into

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The Windows 8

This has been months since I wrote something here, I’ve been down for month but now things are like to getting better.

Couple of nights ago I’ve installed Windows 8 Customer Preview, and here are my comments:

1) First the installation process is great, easy and completely flawless. I’ve upgraded my Windows 7 installation and it went so great. Zune, FIFA 2010, Visual Studio 2010 and also Windows Media Center TV settings were upgraded with no problems.

2) Windows Store is no accessible from IRAN (I hate you Mahmoud Ahmadinejad even MORE!)

3) After adding my Windows Live ID (Now changed to Microsoft Account) some security issues happened, and here are things I did to overcome that:

Change owner of your folder from “Administrator” to “Administrators”, also add the “Administrators” to their users and set it to “Full Control” permission.

Login via the Administrator and change the Microsoft Account user to “Administrator Type”. Also while logged change the UAC control to lower settings if you don’t like to be bothered by the OS.

4) After hours of using the Windows 8, I feel it is slow and by slow I mean:

Right click on desktop takes about 10 seconds to open context menu.

Contacts, Music, Photos, Video and all other applications (Metro UI Apps) take about 5-10 seconds to open.

Windows Photo Viewer take about 5 seconds to open up.

Windows Media Player/ Media Player Classic Homecinema open fast but take 5-10 seconds to start playing files.

And my computer is Core i3 3.4 GHz, 4GB Ram, SSD, NVidia 460 GTX (XFX). So after a research using Bing (not Google) I have found out reinstalling NVidia Driver would solve all those problems.

If you live in IRAN you might know that NVidia has filtered our access to download location, you can download it from which is my cloud storage.

Beside those problems which was caused again by third party apps (as always by NVidia, ATI, Adobe, etc.) the Windows 8 can be better that Windows 7.

I said “CAN be better” because it seems like to be polished before it can be better, in other words it is like its “Child Drawn Fish Icon”, and I hope Microsoft would provider a lot of updates before its release time so we can test it or else it will be as VISA THE FAILURE.

Sadjad Bahmanpour

WordPress for Windows Phone 7 Application Problem

I’ve changed my blog address to  so it wouldn’t be filtered in Iran and I have no excuses for being lazy and not write about things I find. So I’ve also installed the WordPress for Windows Phone 7 Application which can be found here.

I’ve found the application very useful and has all the features I need but it has a very BIG bug. My HTC HD7 is running on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and the application cannot save the blog address I add to the application. This way you need to add your blog each time you open the application. Also I’ve tried to pin the blog to the start page but when I press the Blog HUB it disappeared and the application opened just like it was the first time I opened it.

So I’ve made a post for this problem in their forum and here is the answer I’ve got:

Thanks for letting us know, I was able to reproduce this myself. We’ll get this fixed in the next release.

Hope this problem will soon be gone,
Sadjad Bahmanpour

Moving Time

Yay, here is my first blog since like a year before, when someone in Microsoft decided to close the Windows Live Space and send us all to WordPress and the someone in Iran decided to filter * and I became a lazy-ass to use VPN or other things to update my blog.

Anyways, today I’m gonna start again to write here.

Hey Windows Phone users, you might checkout seems like Microsoft it now open to ideas for at least the Great Windows Phone. You’ll have 10 vote to spend on some ideas that might got through the next version on the OS, so spend your voted carefully.

You my Persian friends might vote for the “Persian Language Support” 😀

Sadjad Bahmanpour