Windows 8 Shared Printer Driver

I’ve updated my work PC to windows 8 couple weeks ago and everything is fine but the Printer driver. We have a HP LaserJet 2200DT which is connected to Windows XP and is shared to the whole work network. And we always just connect to that computer like \\DEL2400 and then click on shared printer name called “HPLaserJ” and windows would install the driver and connect and everything was good. But in Windows 8 we I clicked on the printer “Windows Printer Installation” window opens and try to “Looking for a driver” and then “No driver found” with this description “Windows can’t find a driver for HP LaserJet 220 Series PCL on network. To locate one manually, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel and consult your …”. And here are the screen shots:

Windows 8 Printer Driver
Windows 8 Printer Driver

So after hours of try and error, here is the solution:

Go to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>View Devices and Printers and click Add a printer

Add a printer
Add a printer

Click “Stop” then “The printer that I want isn’t listed”

Windows 8 Add printer
Windows 8 Add printer

Click “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings” and click “Next”

Windows 8 Add a Printer
Windows 8 Add a Printer

Click “Create a new port” and select “Local Port” for “Type of port” (everywhere is written to select “Standard TCP/IP Port”, but that will work only you have network attached printer, not a shared printer on the network)

Windows 8 Add a Printer
Windows 8 Add a Printer

in the “Port Name” window enter your full printer path, mine is “\\DELL2400\HPLaserJ” (it is always \\[computer name]\[shared printer name])

Windows 8 Add a Printer, Port Name
Windows 8 Add a Printer, Port Name

Now in “Install printer driver”, click on “Windows Update”, and it will show you list of all available printer drivers from “Microsoft Windows Update Catalog”. When it came back, just find your printer driver and then from you are gonna be fine (You can select to share it printer and etc.).

Hope this will help you, and feel free to comment
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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  1. Thanks for this clear explanation. I also spent hours trying to install a shared printer but did not think to click on ‘the printer I want isn’t listed’ because it was.

  2. This is not a solution, that’s a workaround. 🙁
    Real solution would be to fix this, especially if Steven Sinofsky claims “it’s actually still fully supported in Windows 8”.

  3. Thank you for your blog submission. I was really stuck with my HP 2600n which I could not install. I had to run through your procedure twice to get the install completed. The significant step was forcing the Windows Update to go and find the correct driver. Once the driver was in the computer, things started to work.
    Thanks for your help

  4. Great workaround, but trying to print from an application caused an error, possibly due to a non-standard configuration. Will have to debug app to see why. Thanks!

  5. Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been fighting this for a while and this worked perfectly!!!! I appreciate you and people like you who take the time to post these helpful things on the internet. Thanks a lot.

  6. Thank you so much for your help. I spent 5 hours trying to figure out and then only 3 minutes after I found your blog. THANK YOU!

  7. Thank u so much!!!! Ive tried for hours to get my printer working. Its people like u that make life easier. Keep it up!!

  8. Thanks but no thanks, I couldn’t find HP LaserJet 1200 in it which is shared on our network. Where and how can I find it?

  9. thanks for the tip…
    please am using a gateway laptop and i inserted the computer name inside the pathway but its giving me
    ‘the network path is not found”
    is there a way i can get the correct computer name from the laptop since this is what its showing,

  10. I was able to install an hp2200dtn laserjet using your method (Printer is connected to XP PC). However, I cannot get it to print 99% of the time. I got it to print one document and immediately after the printer red light came on. I have a new Dell All-In-One 64 Bit Windows 8 that may be the culprit. Any ideas…your help will be appreciated.

    v/r Jose

  11. Just found this post. Thank you so much. It works and is really simple. I wish Microsoft and HP would have been kind enough to disseminate this information so I didn’t have to waste several hours. You rock!

  12. Thank you so so much for taking time to show it in such a clear way! It saves my day because I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to figure it out!

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