My Experiences with Microsoft Surface RT

My company bought a Microsoft Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover, for testing purposes, and I’m gona write here about my experiences with it.

First I gotta tell you this is the Best PC Ever, and I definitely gonna buy one, either RT or Pro I haven’t decided yet.

1) It has MS Paint, Notepad and lots of other MS application. So they have some kind of Visual Studio to build Visual C++ application for ARM chipsets.

2) It has .Net Framework 3.5 already installed (it is the only framework installed), but if you try to copy a Windows .Net Application (.exe file) to your tablet and try to execute it, it will give a Windows Error that you cannot execute application.

3) I’ve checked the Task manager and it has MsMpEnd.exe (Microsoft Antimalware or Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials). So if you cannot install or run an application from desktop UI, why does it need Anti-Virus thing?

I’ll update when I know more.

Sadjad Bahmanpour

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