iOS 6 Safari and Chrome Crashing Bug

Apple has released iOS 6.0 and within has introduced lots of bugs instead of lots of features, from “Crapy Maps to Crapy Browser”.

After many people updated their iPads and iPhones to iOS 6 they had browser crashing problem (Both Safari and Chrome) with our aging web-based software. After hours of studying this new problem I’ve found that problem is this:

  • You have a web page named “index.htm” it has 3 frames (frameset or iframe), “HeaderFrame”, “BodyFrame”, “FooterFrame”.
  • In “BodyFrame” you have an anchor with its “Target” is set to “_Parent”, and point to web page with is formatted like “index.htm” but with different frames. This mean that this anchor is try to direct the whole page to new location not just the frame.

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