In Memory of Windows Live Spaces

Last night Microsoft has just decided to shutdown the Windows Live Spaces and kicked our asses and gave us some generous choices to either delete or download or move our space to WordPress; And I just feel like being rapped (Not that I’ve ever been :D), I’ve been using Windows Live Spaces since 2007 (it was a beta product at that time) and I’ve seen it being updated lots of times and the last update which was about spam comments was great.

Anyway the WordPress is good (much much better), with lots of new features and I like it and I know I’m gonna be a WordPress blogger from now on. The only thing I miss here is “The Integration” with Windows Live which I like the most in the Windows Live Services.

P.S: To Sina Hakami, it is now have the “Like It” feature.
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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