Windows 7 HomeGroup Problem

I’ve always been using Microsoft Windows Domain Controller for managing more than one computer (Which I always had more than 4) but after moving to my own appartment I’ve disjoined my two computers from the old domain. Last couple of days I’ve been playing with HomeGroup of Windows 7 and I have a weird problem.
I could create HomeGroup and also I could join other computers to the created HomeGroup, but the problem was I when ever I select those check boxes about sharing my library to the HomeGroup no errors was raise but when I came back to that page those check boxes was unchecked and I thought what a BUG I’ve found, but last night I tried to share something with the HomeGroup and I used the “Share With” option from the popup menu and then selected the HomeGroup from the dropdown and when I click Add it said “Windows was unable to find” (to the developers: WHAT KIND OF ERROR MESSAGE IS THIS?); also after chewing web for a solution I’ve found lots of people with lots of problems and some of them had problems with “Windows Services” and I’ve found out that the “HomeGroup Listener Service” is stopped and I’ve tried to start it but it got -2147467262 (0×80004002) error; After more hours of research it got to my mind to start the “Windows Firewall” and BOOM it worked.
I’ve tried the HomeGroup troubleshooter on both of the computers and none of them said anything about Windows Firewall Service to be stopped, is it that hard????
So here is what I’ve found that might help over come the HomeGroup Problems:
1) Check the following services the be started:
Function Discovery Provider Host
HomeGroup Listener
Peer Name Resolution Protocol
Peer Networking Grouping
Peer Networking Identity Manager
SSDP Discovery
UPnP Device Host
Windows Firewall *(no one ever mention this :D)
2) Disable any third part Firewall or Antivirus (Anyway way you have them third party antivirus? Install Microsoft Security Essentials)
3) Enable IPv6 on the network card you using
4) Check for any Hardware firewall and routers which might block the HomeGroup computers to negotiate
5) Disjoin all the computers and also delete all the files with in the “%windir%ServiceProfilesLocalServiceAppDataRoamingPeerNetworking” and join them again (first create and then join them all)
If you found anything else please comment me so I can complete this guide, Thanks.
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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