Windows Internet Explorer 9.0

As you might read my last entry, I’ve been waiting to test the full beta version of IE 9.0, and I’m now and I have to say WOW, it is good, I mean Microsoft is in the right pass (Windows 7, IE 9.0, Kinect, WinPhone 7). It is absolutly the best web browser of them all and yes it is as good as chrome 6.0. So here is my review:
1) It is fast and clear
2) The thing that every tab can be grabbed and it would be a new window: It is chrome mimic but who cares it ain’t a patent.
3) If any tab hangs the other tabs are fine now
4) The Download manager, atleast good job. If I remember right it was first announced in early beta stage of Vista but them it disapeared.
5) The messages are now appeared in the bottom of page, WOW no more popups, I hate them.
6) The "Addon Load Time Checker" it was first announced in IE 8.0 but now it is automatic.
1) The font thing!!!
2) When a tab is fetching the data (nothing to show) and you switch through tabs will show the last tab contents but it could show a loading symbol
3) This one I remeber in all versions: The save page progress (File->Save) still hangs all the tabs in that browser, Man look at what chrome do about it (a progressbar in the bottom of the page would do the thing), I think this procedure is an "Ancient Code" which no one would go after it 😀 (here is where I can help)
If you see something else comment me about it,
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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