DELL Inspiron DUO

Atlast after 4 years (I really don’t remember maybe 5 or more) DELL released a laptop I would like to buy, it is called "Inspiron DUO". It is a tablet and also at the same time a laptop, a new way of making tablet without a week point "THE HINGE". It is a 10" touch screen notebook (PLEASE make it a capacitive/ multi touch screen) with a dual core/ hyperthread enabled Intel Atom N550 (1.5 GHz/ 1MB cache/DDR3/ 64bit/… for more info checkout nothing else is known but I HOPE 2GB RAM and 64GB SSD and NVidia ION 2 (this is what I don’t think would be possible ’cause the N550 has a built-in VGA). The only down side of the CPU is the Intel® VT is not supported, but I’m sure it is more powerfull that N270/N280 (N270 has 47 million transistors but the N550 has 176 millions WOW!!)
The only things I hope are 2GB RAM and dual touch capabality and the price about 700$ and I would buy one.
P.S: DELL has just stole the BUZZ around Windows Internet Explorer 9, which would be beta(ed) to day, I’m very excited to test it and to see if microsoft is going in the right direction (and IF YES, I have to say I love you BALLMER, you’ve made them all wrongs->right; You know Vista->7, IE8->9, WinMo6.x.x.x.x->WinPho7 …)
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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