The best antivirus got better

Everybody knows I admire Microsoft Products but the ones who I’ve worked with know how perfectionist I could be about software I choose; And I’ve chose the Microsoft Security Essentials and I think it is the best. But also someone might say I use Mac and I don’t need antivirus, and I say BULLSHIT, Mac does not have user (only 10% of all computer users) and it doesn’t worth it to write a virus for it. Anyway microsoft has updated a beta version of the MSE and you can download it from if you are accepted as beta tester, as they said the new features are:
  1. Windows® Firewall integration: Microsoft Security Essentials setup allows you to turn on Windows Firewall.
  2. Enhanced protection from web-based threats: Microsoft Security Essentials has enhanced integration with Internet Explorer® which helps prevent malicious scripts from running and provides improved protection against web based attacks.
  3. New and improved protection engine: The updated engine offers enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities and better performance.

and the background image of the product has also changed. Also regarding to my earlier post!21F12BB61B822DFA!7323.entry about the problems with two product with the same name under Microsoft Security Essentials in WSUS, now I can say the "MS Security Essentials" is the new version so they should’ve called it "Security Essentials V2".


Sadjad Bahmanpour