Spam Comments are Gone

It has been a month since I have a spam comment on my blog, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, at last in Wave 4 of Windows Live Spaces the spam comments are gone and I’m happy to say I have deleted over 2000 spam comments and reported them all as spam but there is still 1000 more to delete and if they don’t keep coming I will report them all, make my blog a clean one.
But now as that problem is solved, there is a new one, spam friendship invitation, MAAAAAAAAN can you not do the spamming I HATE ALL SPAMMERS in ALL THE WAYS, you see there are spams every where, spams on the phone (Call/ SMS), spams on the door (door to door shoppers), spams in the mailbox, spams in emails (this is a regular one, thanks Hotmail/ Exchange guys it is going to be perfectly gone), spams in blog, do have any where else?
Sadjad Bahmanpour

WSUS and Security Essentials problem

As if you didn’t live under rocks Microsoft have release the BEST anti-virus product called "Microsoft Security Essentials" (but I don’t know why microsoft partners like DELL & HP don’t include this FREE product with their line of computers????). Then worst problem I had with this gorgeous product was that, it wasn’t included in WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) so I can download the definition update one time and spread it through network. But it was all gone away when microsoft added MSE to WSUS, WOW now I have a great free client anti-virus with central update solution and I also I’m user of Microsoft Forefront Client Security for years and I use it on my servers.
But the new problem came up for days, suddenly they’ve added two MSE product in WSUS and I don’t know why, but know every time I synchronize the WSUS two groups of definition updates show up. The solution is I wait for 2-4 hours so one client check for updates and then I can see which updates are the correct ones.
WOW, just 3 days after I wrote this entry the WSUS team has renamed the second (unused) Security Essentials product to "MS Security Essentials", so now you can uncheck that one and maybe they are going to delete this product category.
And this the second bug about WSUS I wrote on my blog and both of them are gone, now I like my blog 😉
Sadjad Bahmanpour