Windows Live New Wave

Today lots of windows live services has been updated, but these are what I saw the most:
4) Windows Live Sync, this is the replacement for Live Mesh but now without the support for Windows Mobile and also the web space is smaller, I don’t know how they call it an upgrade
3) Windows Live Header + Windows Live Web Messenger, some options were removed but the web messenger is what I liked/needed very much.
2) Windows Live SkyDrive + Office Web Apps, Now I can say xxxx Google, because the only service google had and microsoft should have had it before google, was office live with edit, because I don’t want to install Office 2007 on my personal computer at home, but I want to view/edit some documents, also some integrations to Windows Live Mail is comming, when someone send you a email with some office files attached to it you can view the attachment in Office Live. But the only disappointment was when I tried to use Live OneNote and tried to open it from desktop, it says you need OneNote 2010 and I don’t have !!!
1) Windows Live Spaces updated, there were some updates but what I liked the most was, first deleting comments is now AJAX so no need to refresh the page every time I delete a spam comment (I have lots of them), and second when I try to delete a comment it ask if it was spam, I don’t know about you but for me deleting spams is like flushing someone else’s toilet, I hope Windows Live Team gather these spam information and do something about it.
Sadjad Bahmanpour

7 thoughts on “Windows Live New Wave”

  1. That’s the main problem with online/offline integration dude. I experienced the same problem with OneNote. and the most horrible thing about using onenote in server 2008 R2 is that you have to install DESKTOP EXPERIENCE feature in order the OneNote to work. and you know better than me that hunderds of MBs of "Unnecessary" stuff are included in this feature which reduces the performance of the computer. So I decided not to install it and here I go… I can’t use OneNote anymore.

  2. By the way, FYI, many many Google Docs users that I know are very satisfied and comfortable with it. Actually I got very curious and uploaded an .XLSX (excel 2010 -beta) that I was working on just to see if it works and surprisingly I could edit OFFICE 2010’s word and excel file with google documents…. interesting!)

  3. But the only problem with Google’s service is that its size limitation. Correct me if I am mistaken but maximum size for uploads on Google Docs is 500K! which is pretty not convenient cause most of office 2010’s files which contain images are more than 1 MB. But anyways, good post buddy. keep up the good work. miss ya :

  4. Sorry for flooding your comments…. it said it was too long and I had to shorten it !!!! so I divide it into 3 instead of shortening 😉

  5. Nice to see you around man! If you have any problems with google services Microsoft Windows Live Service’s doors is always open 😀 (kidding)

  6. 😉 … Yeah I know it is. 🙂 I am using it right now… heheh 🙂 Keep going with your useful blog. 🙂 talk to you soon.

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