Windows Live New Wave

Today lots of windows live services has been updated, but these are what I saw the most:
4) Windows Live Sync, this is the replacement for Live Mesh but now without the support for Windows Mobile and also the web space is smaller, I don’t know how they call it an upgrade
3) Windows Live Header + Windows Live Web Messenger, some options were removed but the web messenger is what I liked/needed very much.
2) Windows Live SkyDrive + Office Web Apps, Now I can say xxxx Google, because the only service google had and microsoft should have had it before google, was office live with edit, because I don’t want to install Office 2007 on my personal computer at home, but I want to view/edit some documents, also some integrations to Windows Live Mail is comming, when someone send you a email with some office files attached to it you can view the attachment in Office Live. But the only disappointment was when I tried to use Live OneNote and tried to open it from desktop, it says you need OneNote 2010 and I don’t have !!!
1) Windows Live Spaces updated, there were some updates but what I liked the most was, first deleting comments is now AJAX so no need to refresh the page every time I delete a spam comment (I have lots of them), and second when I try to delete a comment it ask if it was spam, I don’t know about you but for me deleting spams is like flushing someone else’s toilet, I hope Windows Live Team gather these spam information and do something about it.
Sadjad Bahmanpour