Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 Keyboard Problem

As you might know, I have a friend who work in Microsoft (WOW, Sina I’m proud of you), and then he brought me "Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000" last time we met, and now some starnge thing happend tonight.
I was watching a movie with Windows Media Player in full screen mode and suddenly my phone try to reach the cell (you know the "Tegh Tegh" noise over the speakers) and Media Player came out of full screen mode and went into "Library" mode but the movie was playing (seek bar and the audio was playing) and I tried the "Switch to now Playing" button (the button on right bottom corner) but it switched backed to library every time I tried that, so I closed the media player and reopen it several times but it happend agian.
So after lots of try & error solutions I’ve found out that if you use the menu > View > Now Playing (Ctrl + 3) it will do the trick.
But I still wonders why should a GSM Phone (My SE Xperia X1) could be interfere a Wireless/Bluetooth Keyboad????? Is it because of my Windows Phone doesn’t like my Windows 7 :D???
P.S This wasn’t a one time problem, I tried my phone and saw this could happen any time someone try to reach me.

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  1. Really?!!!! Weird. I never had that sort of problem. But you know, what you’ve bought is bought by you, and my return policy is simply that I don’t accept returns!!!! :DUse that keyboard WISELY! ‘Cos I couldn’t get another one. I don’t know why, but they never had any more of those in the store…

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