Microsoft is going to kill My Live

Today I openned the page (the personalized web rss reader) which I read every 2-3 hours a day and saw "

Thank you for using On March 15, 2010, will be discontinued and all users redirected to My MSN. Please note that your settings, feeds and gadgets will not be migrated to MyMSN. To make MyMSN your homepage today, click here. "
Oooooooooh no, please MS kill me but do not ask me to use MSN, it reminds me those days of 2 MB Hotmail emails, man I love "my live" don’t kill it…

2 thoughts on “Microsoft is going to kill My Live”

  1. Hahaha! I know what you’re saying. There’s this mindset with MSN that I have too, and it’s not even the 2 MB Hotmail emails… We had MSN emails as well, which IMHO, were even not as good as Hotmail in those days! :)Yeah… Whenever a service is stopped, it’s a tragedy for the consumer, who’s got used to it, but sometimes tragedies must take place for the greater good. How many parallel projects does MS want to have?!! If you ask me, I’d say that they should even terminate Hotmail as it is today, and replace it by Exchange… 😀

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