The new Map software I’ve found

These past couple of days I’ve tried to find some new map software which I could use for my city Tehran, and I came to some conclusions:
1) Google map has a good, uptodate, free map of streets of tehran
2) I happend to work for 10 month on a map software for "وزارت صنایع و معادن ایران" on a project called "National Geograpich Database of Iran" and then Afghanestan and then other countries, and in that project I happend to write a map software with silverlight via DeepEarth, and I’ve saw on that project that I could download map Tiles (PNG files usually 256×256) from google maps, yahoo maps, Microsoft live maps and ….
3) The only thing I need was a software which could use of offline maps, because I’m tired of searching the web for Garmin Iran/ Tehran Map files (I have some of them here in my blog), and also garmin has just banned Iran IP address (Also I’ve seen that SourceForge has banned Iran IP address too, so to all the developers: "Please use the Almighty CodePlex" :D)
so to everyone who is searching for "نقشه بروز تهران ایران روی گوشی موبایل"
I’ve found MGMaps a good Java based software which you can use on your Windows Mobile/Nokia Symbian S60 v3 & v5 (N95 & 5800).
All you need to do is download the MGMaps for you phone (I’m using the 1.42.01 this is beta but works better on my touch screen Xperia X1) and also download gMapMaker to download the google maps to your computer and the move them all to your and set the MGMaps to use the offline mode/ Stored Map, and that’s it you have a free uptodate map of your city.
But as all the other JAVA softwares there are some consequences:
1) You have to set the security on your phone to allow Connection & Read & Write access, or your phone will ask you every time you move.
2) If you are using Windows Mobile, so you need a JVM. They suggest you to use IBM J9, but I’ve tried Esmertec Jbed and the only problem was that the software does not recognise the builtin GPS device and so there is a work around which you have to use GpsPortPPC or use this instruction but last night I’ve tried a new ROM from OR which is based on Windows Mobile 6.5.3 build 28205 and GOD it is so lite and fast and it use a new "Myriad Jbed" from which appeared that they’ve bought the Esmertec, and now it support the internal GPS device of my Xperia X1, so problem solved.
and also I’ve tried it on my brother’s Nokia N95 8GB and it worked like a charm and I’m going to try it on my Fiancé’s Nokia 5800 and will let you know.
I also download then 1-17 zoom of Tehran, and if someone liked it I might upload it here.
And also in N95 as you know the Media Software will check all the storages for some image files to cache, and the MGMaps store all the tiles in some .mgm files which are PNG and nokia media software found then and they were thumbnailed and some "_PAlbTN" folders were generated in all the directories. So the solution would be to make the stored map folder "MGMapsCache" as hidden and also you might first set the MGMaps to look in to that folder and then make in hidden ’cause the application might not see them when they are hidden.
And also there is this setting in Setting > GPS > Mobile Tracking > Move Map, which is set the map moves while you move, otherwise the blue pin point which is were the gps is (I mean you) won’t move the map unless you goes to the menu and click "Where I Am". So this is like you click that button every 3 secs.
When you are using gMapMaker select the Operating Mode as "MGMap mode, download tiles using entered area", and then click Map to select your area, then select Map Type "Google Maps" (for the street view) and the Zoom level, And then click GO, and it will download them to the location shown on upper aera which is by default "C:Program FilesgMapMakerMGMapsCache" and you just have to copy "MGMapsCache" to your phone and then select the stored map location in settings > Map > Map location > Browse (also you have to select stored map settings and I’ve also selected the offline mode).
Also I’ve found TrekBuddy, this is a good application which also can read the stored map from a .tar file (which include all the map tiles) so you won’t care for all +50000 tile files which you have to copy to your phone, but it has some problem so I went back to the MGMaps:

1) .tar mode is very laggy on N95 and so I didn’t tried it on my Xperia
2) You can’t just zoom in or out, you have to make an Atlas and then choose what zoom you want to see (I’m not dump ass, but is it that hard to make a Zoom feature? ).

Here was for tonight, if you need anymore instructions just post me comment and I’ll write more about it.
Sadjad Bahmanpour

Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 Keyboard Problem

As you might know, I have a friend who work in Microsoft (WOW, Sina I’m proud of you), and then he brought me "Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000" last time we met, and now some starnge thing happend tonight.
I was watching a movie with Windows Media Player in full screen mode and suddenly my phone try to reach the cell (you know the "Tegh Tegh" noise over the speakers) and Media Player came out of full screen mode and went into "Library" mode but the movie was playing (seek bar and the audio was playing) and I tried the "Switch to now Playing" button (the button on right bottom corner) but it switched backed to library every time I tried that, so I closed the media player and reopen it several times but it happend agian.
So after lots of try & error solutions I’ve found out that if you use the menu > View > Now Playing (Ctrl + 3) it will do the trick.
But I still wonders why should a GSM Phone (My SE Xperia X1) could be interfere a Wireless/Bluetooth Keyboad????? Is it because of my Windows Phone doesn’t like my Windows 7 :D???
P.S This wasn’t a one time problem, I tried my phone and saw this could happen any time someone try to reach me.

Just another iGadget

And finally today Steve Jobs, GOD I hate him so much, announced the barnd new iPod Giant/iPhone Bigger/iSlate and some dumb ass people all around the wold just went "WOOOOOOOOOOW some new iGadget I need to buy" (read it with some nerd accent :D).
But as I’m not one of those iTards, I just don’t know what to say to the MS; YO, BALLMER, wasn’t it microsoft who invented the The Origami Project, I mean Samsung Q1, wasn’t it microsoft who said the the "UMPC" word outload first back in 2 years, so why the fxxx is it the apple who made it so wanted??????? This little new peace of JOBS shit can’t even do the multitasking; Man…. I want a good UMPC, is it that hard to make a good UMPC.
I don’t know what to say, from tomorrow you’ll see some iTards across the street who are multi-touching their GIANT iPod and JOBS will enjoy that money just like what he did with the iPhone and what microsoft did about it??? Windows Mobile 7 will come out sometime for sure, but I hope that wouldn’t be so far away…
Sadjad Bahmanpour

Microsoft is going to kill My Live

Today I openned the page (the personalized web rss reader) which I read every 2-3 hours a day and saw "

Thank you for using On March 15, 2010, will be discontinued and all users redirected to My MSN. Please note that your settings, feeds and gadgets will not be migrated to MyMSN. To make MyMSN your homepage today, click here. "
Oooooooooh no, please MS kill me but do not ask me to use MSN, it reminds me those days of 2 MB Hotmail emails, man I love "my live" don’t kill it…