I’m back, VOLA

It been since ‘5/26/2008 9:37 PM’ that I didn’t write in my blog, but I’m back and I want to start writing agian. So what’s new:
– I finished my military service (It is mandatory for boys in my fxxxing country), and this was a big step forward for me
– I’m now working in DPI ( شرکت داده پردازی ایران – DP Iran Co.) which is the old branch of IBM in iran, which was called Iran Business Machine IBM. I work there as artchitect and team manager in "Power Plants Customer care and Billing Management" which is running based on: Java, .Net, PC, IBM Mainframe, MS Sql Server and IBM DB2 on zOS
– Now I own a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 whcih I upgrade it to Windows Mobile 6.5.3 28014, so from now on I will write about WinMo
– And I use Windows 7 on everything that is possible so from now on I’m Windows 7 freak (I was in love with Windows Server 2008 before 😀 )
– And I went to Malaysia and visit my friends, Ali Emadi, Morvarid Akhavan, Sami Amirebrahimi and Sina Hakami (which he came all the way from USA/ Microsoft) and I’m happy so see them all together, and I hope to see them soon agian.
– And I hate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad/ Sayed Ali Khamenei more and more and more … And I hope some day I see them get fxxxed for what they do to this country and all the Iranians in the world.
So these were some topics that I will write about them, and hope I will solve some people’s problem in this blog.
P.S when I came back to write in my blog, I saw more that 300 spam comments, and I tried to delete some of them, but I don’t know why Windows Live Space people don’t do something about it!!!! Is it too hard for them to add some pictures or other types of spam blocking techniques?