Windows Server 2008 RC1 DVD Playback Problems

After upgrading my Windows Server 2008 from RC0 to November CTP and then to RC1 Enterprise, I experienced lots of DVD Playback problems, like on right panel it will just show the Drive Letter like “E” or “D” or “F” instead of some Chapters and Titles and also I couldn’t playback some DVDs. And the most weird part is on right panel if you right click on currently playing file name and then click properties nothing will show up, I mean no actions will be done. And Even weirder (weirder than the most weird thing) is this, if you open Tools -> Options the “Option Page” has only one tab named “Burn”, here is the screen shot:

Windows Server 2008 RC1 DVD Playback Problems
Windows Server 2008 RC1 DVD Playback Problems

That’s it, this is the whole Option page you’ll see in Windows Media Player in Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, with version number set to: 11.0.6001.6346

It think this is a big mistake, and I hope will be solved some time around release, or the Server 2008 wouldn’t worth a damn.

I also posted this on Microsoft Technet Forum and I’m waiting for an answer here

Anyway, if you have the same problem or you know something about it just leave me a comment,

Sadjad Bahmanpour

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