GPS Map of Tehran for N95 – نقشه کامل تهران برای موبایل

In my last posts about N95 GPS!21F12BB61B822DFA!326.entry &!21F12BB61B822DFA!317.entry I’ve mention about software named SmartComGPS but after days of research I’ve found a better application for Tehran & Iran (نقشه تهران) Map called Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian and also a great map of IRAN for Garmin GPS (any type of GPS of GARMIN) believe me this map of tehran is amazing every details you may need is there and also it is just 7.10MB because it is not image or bmp like SmartComGPS, it is vector base so it needs smaller files to work with, but also it will need faster CPU but you can zoom as much as you want.

I’ve used these combination last night and WOW the N95 is now greater, if you want you can buy a GARMIN handheld GPS device for about 500$ and also buy this map for 350$ or you can buy N95 and just leave me comment and I’ll provide you for a way to install all this things for nothing, decision is yours now 😉

Update #1: I’ve found another great application for N95 GPS called ExtGPS that let’s you use your N95 as an external Bluetooth GPS Device and you can now use it from your laptop or another handheld device like Windows Mobile or your Pocket PC. This is now in BETA and a Java Application and only work with Bluetooth, maybe some day native symbian and USB comes out which would be the BEST.

Update #2: As I see lots of people having problems with this great application and map, I’m gonna write so more about them:

  • First you need to download the Garmin Mobile XT from
  • Beware that all Garmin Mobile XT softwares (either help and basemaps) need to be installed from Windows when you attached your phone as Mass Storage via USB so the software will install the write into Memory Card of you phone. So you may use a card reader too but I prefer Phone via USB.
  • This application needed to be registered before you can use the Internal GPS, so if you have N95 and you didn’t register (or cracked) the software yet, you’ll see the Bluetooth option, so don’t panic. And also People N80 does not have Internal GPS (that’s way we call N95 "The Great N95" because it has everything) so if you want this software you must use External Nokia Bluetooth GPS, but if I were you I would upgrade to N95.
  • I have found some illegal information here so you may take a look there too.
  • But if you want me to tell you what to do (it would be faster) download and follow instructions.txt
  • And now the application is ready to use, but if you want to whole world basemap and help files you can download them from here for free and install them. And then the software would just looks like a Garmin Handheld device, and you would be happy ’cause you didn’t pay 500$ for a GPS handheld and 350$ for Iran map, but you just have a Great N95.

Update #3: Some people still having problems, so you may do what I’ve told you step-by-step and also mention that:

  • Don’t forget to install Basemap, it is good, it adds the whole world and also the backcolor of iran map become yellow which is just like Garmin Handheld devices so you maybe very proud of you N95 becuase it worked just like a 500$ GPS device and more 😀
  • Also for people having problems in founding Built-in GPS device option in "Setting>Remote GPS" if it is set to Bluetooth you may need to Disable it by using Left-Key (left softkey is set to disable) in "Setting>Remote GPS" and then you may see those options.
  • Also a reboot may help you.

Update #4: First I gotta thank you all people for you kind comments,I never though that these many people would be interested in my blog ever. I think most of people here forgot about support and basemap files, people they are great and I think you must install them after you install the main application. The Help & Support & Voice Files (English) can be downloaded from and they are great. Also the basemap, which add the whole world’s map, can be downloaded from .  And also Thanks PAYAM, for informing me about E90, yes this application works on every S60 3rd Edition or Symbian 9.0 S60 with or without built-in GPS receiver. But you know having Build-in GPS receiver is much better, like Nokia N95, N95 8G, N82, E90 and if you tested on something else tell me about it (and someone on comments wrote about N80). And also after testing Garmin you may test the Google Map for Symbian (v2.0.5 Beta with My Location Feature) by browsing from your phone, which is something amazing (all the world, but you may need GPRS for outdoor use) and if you live in IRAN google blocked us all, so you may search in which is a great forum (better say download center).

Update #5: Some people asked about routing and navigation map for Tehran. I gotta tell you that’s a dream will (never) come true. People in Iran GIS are doing no s..t so we would never can have these things in iran, you better be thinking about leaving.

Anyway, if you need any help just leave me a comment here,

Sadjad Bahmanpour

35 thoughts on “GPS Map of Tehran for N95 – نقشه کامل تهران برای موبایل”

  1. Hi, I’ve got a Garmin 10X handheld GPS and I’m looking for a map of tehran 😀 could you send me the proper map 🙂 please 😛 my email address is as mentioned. tnx

  2. Salam,Can you please let me know where how I can get the GPS maps for Tehran/Iran. I have a Nokia N80 which runs Symbian OS (Similar to N95)Thx

  3. Hi, I followed all the procidure untill the end. First let me thank you for all the comprehensive explanations. But Sadjad, in the last step, I can’t find any "Built-in GPS "option in "Setting>Remote GPS "in Garmin Software, and so it only works via Bluetooth! Please help! 

  4. Thanks for your email. After downloading and installing the base map, I got Iran map working as well on my N80 using anexternal bluetooth GPS. You are a champ! Keep up the good work. You might want to make these info available on the Nokia N95 discussion group, as I noticed a lot of people from Iran were looking for Nokia map for Iran and non to be found. Best Regards

  5. thanks man !
    its a great work you’ve done !
    just let me tell you it also works on E90 !!!
    you can add the E90 title to your work !

  6. Salam
    thank you very much for the instruction nut i have got a problem. always i get a message "detail maps dont support routing". this message i only get with tehran map. europe map is working.can you please tell me what to do?? thx

  7. salamthank you for your great work. well done! i installed the application yesterday as u had explained in your comments based on the instructions, but i could not access to "help" menu of the application. then i decided to remove the application and reinstalle this again. but i’ve no option to "Use Attached/Built-in GPS"! May i ask you pls help me? i should mention that i formatted my memory card before reinstalling the regards.Alireza

  8. salam thanks for your email. i followed your instruction, it was absolutely effective. ty again. but as a point i should mention that by restoring my backup file the internal gps locating problem was handled.

  9. salam
    but there is a full navigation system for tehran already which the woman taxi uses!!!!even with farsi voices…

  10. Hi friends,Please send me the maps ( Iran or Tehran ) for GPS.I have a Nokia N95 device.I am so confused how to use Garmin GPS software.I have installed the software but I don’t know how to run it !!! No shortcut is created in my mobile or my computer to access the program .I used  USB cable for installation.Thank you.

  11. Hi again,I installed the software successfully.Then I followed the instruction in text file.But I can not finish the last step because I can not find section "Settings/Remote GPS" and "Use Attached/Built-in GPS" in the software as you tolled in text file.I already generated "GMAPSUPP.UNL" and "SW.UNL" files and copied them into Garmin folder ( H:Garmin ).Please help me where is this tab  "Use Attached/Built-in GPS"  ??Thank you very much

  12. Hi Thanks to find this blog. I will come to Iran next week, I have an gps mobile. I hope i can get the map in time. i already installing the Garmin Mobile XT and works well for middle east V4 map. But i need map for Iran for garmin and also the map ID. Hope you can help, Thanks very much.  email:

  13. hi m8 i am thinking to visit iran in couple mounth , i tried to download your rapid shite link from google group but unfortunatly needs passward , can you please put me in right direction to download and get it working b4 i travel that would be greatbtw i got n95 8g at mo thanx in advancemossy

  14. Dear Sadjad
    First, I want to thank you for your very useful comments, I do the procedure you mentioned, step by step and exactly for my N95
    but it didn’t vork, then I upgarade the firmware of my N95 to v20.0.015 and I did all what you’ve wrote again, but it didn’t work again, my problem is: I can’t find the "use built in gps" in setting/system/ remote gps in the garmin software, it is only seeking for bluetooth gps device, even I checked my phone setting and marked the assisted GPS, but it doesn’t work yet, so your help would highly appreciate,

  15. Dear Sadjad,
    I was desperately looking for a Tehran GPS solution until I found your page. Keep up the good work. Please send me the map of IRAN for Garmin GPS.

  16. Hi there, thanks for the info! can you also send me the Garmin map for tehran? REALLY REALLY appreciate it :)also does this work on pocket pc versin too?Thanks alot.

  17. Very Dear SajjadThank you for your very productive information, It is very simple but completely useful, You saved 850USD for all of us.Thank you very muchM.

  18. Hi Sajjad, Thanks for your efforts.I’ve done everything you’ve said in the instruction page, I connect and see Tehrans map with no problems. Everything works , except that I do not see the street names but only initials! For example for "Bozorgrah Resalat" it only shows "BR" !What am I doing wrong? I have unistalled and re-installed everything several times.I’m using N95 with the latest Nokia updates.Many thanks.M

  19. Dear Sadjad,First of all, I have to thank you for the complete explanation and helpful guide. the question I have is, I am using a nokia E71 and I did what you have suggested, the problem I do have is Garmin TX can not connect to my Built-In GPS and it says that your BlueTooth is not ON.Do you have any suggestion for me? I will be thankful for your great support.

  20. Hi, I’ve got a Samsung Wave (GT-S8500) cell phone and I’m looking for a map of Tehran to be installed on its GPS software (LBS). I searched several times and I could not find anything. Could you please help me? Thanks & Regards. Soheil Nassiri

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