Windows Live Photo Gallery Little Problem

After upgrading my whole system into all 2007 & 2008 applications from Microsoft, I’ve mentioned a little problem in Windows Live Photo Gallery, simply it won’t start :D, yeah there comes a message tells you to install SQL Server Compact Edition with a button which will link to Microsoft Download Center and then right to the download page of SQL Server CE 3.1, but I have SQL CE 3.5 already installed!!!! That was definitely installed by Visual Studio 2008 Team suite, I just uninstalled the 3.1 version, which I thought no longer be needed.

But I was wrong, the most recent version of Windows Live Photo Gallery 2008 which is 12.0.1308.1023 needs you to have SQL Server CE 3.1 installed. And the 3.5 version of SQL CE don’t work the same.

Hope this will be solved soon,

Sadjad Bahmanpour

2 thoughts on “Windows Live Photo Gallery Little Problem”

  1. I am experiencing the same problem. I hope it gets fixed ASAP. I wouldn’t like to install multiple versions of the same software.

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