The One With Happiest Saddest Yalda

First of first, I gotta tell you this post is not like my other posts, it is not any technology related posts, so if you were looking for that things, I’m gonna tell you GIVE ME A BREAK.
The title is from my friend "Sina Hakami"’s blog which is themed from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, which we were like them too. Past 2 years, was funniest days of my life and at the same time the saddest one, if you know me you would know what I’m talking about. All my friends are going somewhere but IRAN. First my BEST Friend Ali Emadi gone to Malaysia, then Mohammad Nourbakhsh (Poodi) went to Canada. After that another one (a great friend ) Sina Hakami went to America (of course WA, Seattle, and of course Microsoft 😀 ) and in 2 days another one Sami and Soroush Amirebrahimi (I LOVE YOU ALL, I’m not GAY 😉 ). And now you must know what I mean ;((
Anyway tomorrow morning (better said, in 3 hours) I must go to Military Service, Which I hate the most just after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, this is mandatory in iran and it is for 20 months. 2 months, which will be start in 3 hours, training and 18 months nothing else but to stay there and doing nothing.
So this is 3:25 in the morning and I must be there 6:00AM and I’m not gonna sleep becuase I know I won’t be awake. And you may ask what was I doing till now?? Tonight was the longest night in the year and in iran we call it "YALDA شب یلدا" and in this night we would be awake all the night and spend the whole time with the ones we love for the celebration and also to remember how life is short that a minute longer night is important and we can be together for just one minute more …
I spent my whole night with all my friends and we laughed and laughed and at the end we cried and cried, and now everyone is seperated …
Love you Guys and mostly love you darling,
I’ll be back, so Goodbye everybody have a nice and successful life anywhere you might be
Sadjad Bahmanpour

News from Microsoft Download Center

Today I was just found out that Microsoft had release Service Pack 1 for Expression Web, Blend & Design which you can found them:

Microsoft Expression Web Service Pack 1

Microsoft Expression Design Service Pack 1

Microsoft Expression Blend Service Pack 1

But above all, I’ve just found out that Microsoft is also testing new Download Center, you can find it here this is brand new download center web site, build from the ground using Sliverlight technology. The look is amazing and WOW at last Microsoft found a very good use for Silverlight, I mean Silverlight is a very good technology (above all it is “Flash Killer”) but it was left all alone with no help from the Daddy. So anyway take a look there and let me know what do you think by just leave me a comment here.

Sadjad Bahmanpour

Windows Server 2008 RC1 DVD Playback Problems

After upgrading my Windows Server 2008 from RC0 to November CTP and then to RC1 Enterprise, I experienced lots of DVD Playback problems, like on right panel it will just show the Drive Letter like “E” or “D” or “F” instead of some Chapters and Titles and also I couldn’t playback some DVDs. And the most weird part is on right panel if you right click on currently playing file name and then click properties nothing will show up, I mean no actions will be done. And Even weirder (weirder than the most weird thing) is this, if you open Tools -> Options the “Option Page” has only one tab named “Burn”, here is the screen shot:

Windows Server 2008 RC1 DVD Playback Problems
Windows Server 2008 RC1 DVD Playback Problems

That’s it, this is the whole Option page you’ll see in Windows Media Player in Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, with version number set to: 11.0.6001.6346

It think this is a big mistake, and I hope will be solved some time around release, or the Server 2008 wouldn’t worth a damn.

I also posted this on Microsoft Technet Forum and I’m waiting for an answer here

Anyway, if you have the same problem or you know something about it just leave me a comment,

Sadjad Bahmanpour

What’s UP #1

Me Again whit some news, my friends know me you just tell me "Hey What’s UP" and here come the news :D. So as today I’m gonna write a POST titled "What’s UP #nnn" every now and then and I’m gonna tell you what is really up, may you like it and if yes, just leave me a comment and I’ll continue it.
Anyway, in the past week or so, these was the good news:
  • Windows Server 2008 RC1 released, and here is the build number 6001.17051.071121 I’ve tested it, it is upgradable from November CTP 6001.17042.071107 and the version is v.667. This buld is as good as it must be, and something else, your Beta 3 or RC0 key is still valid and will be valid to JUNE 2008 instead of April 2008, so If you are using Server 2008 or Server 2003 I recommend you to upgarde to this version, and as they’ve said this would be the last BETA.
  • Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista is in PUBLIC BETA now, and better news is it is working under Windows Server 2008, WOW, I’ve tried the web installer and it didn’t work but then I’ve downloaded the installer version 2007.12.06.421 and wow it is working and I gotta tell you that worth the waiting. This is the direct link to download it
  • I’ve see that Babylon Pro 7.0.0 (r16) been released, I don’t know when, but I got it in past few days, so I consider it as NEWS. This is great and the best part is it also add a feature right into IE and it is "Spell Check" YEAH, I mostly use IE to write POSTs here and the problem is Windows Live Space Craft team didn’t add the spell ckeck I’ve request and here the Babylon come handy. I’m telling you this great product become even Greater.
  • Windows XP SP3 RC1 comes out today, but you know I HATE XP.
  • Office 2007 SP1 comes out today, and I didn’t approve it on my WSUS 3.0 yet, but I’m gonna, but you know today microsoft release something about 70 updates and they are huge in MB amount I think 1200~1300 MB which is huge for me with 256KB ADSL.
  • Office Live Workspace said to be in PUBLIC Beta but I still didn’t have the chance to get in, but it must be great.
  • I’ve seen that Microsoft Windows Live Team at last decided to let go of, yes go here and register, I’ve got mine now WOW, no one got that, I’ve tried lots of my friends names there none of them was free, so go fast and you may got the chance just like me.
  • Windows Live Messenger 2009 BETA 9.0.1407.1107 just got out, yeah check it out from This is just a little bit lazy on signin but other things are very good, you can be loged in from different places (different devices) at the same time, or you can have animated pictures for your self, and the thing is if you set an animated picture in Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Sign-in Assistant of yours will show the animated picture which is very good, but still the same Emoticon, do you feel the same, they are very old, you may just take a look at new Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista and you’ll know what I mean about old emoticons, they are UGLY in Live Messenger but SEXY in Yahoo Messenger.
  • Some hardware news, DELL XPS ONE and DELL Latitude XT the 12.1 inch long waited Tablet PC of DELL and Western Digital Passport Portable 320GB is now out for you.
P.S.: I just want to add one thing about Windows Server 2008 upgrades from RC0 or Beta 3 to RC1, I use Daemon-Tools as Virtual CD/DVD drive for mapping .iso or like so files, the problem is after the upgrade you’ll need to reinstall the software.
If you liked the "What’s UP" post, just leave me a comment,
Sadjad Bahmanpour

GPS Map of Tehran for N95 – نقشه کامل تهران برای موبایل

In my last posts about N95 GPS!21F12BB61B822DFA!326.entry &!21F12BB61B822DFA!317.entry I’ve mention about software named SmartComGPS but after days of research I’ve found a better application for Tehran & Iran (نقشه تهران) Map called Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian and also a great map of IRAN for Garmin GPS (any type of GPS of GARMIN) believe me this map of tehran is amazing every details you may need is there and also it is just 7.10MB because it is not image or bmp like SmartComGPS, it is vector base so it needs smaller files to work with, but also it will need faster CPU but you can zoom as much as you want.

I’ve used these combination last night and WOW the N95 is now greater, if you want you can buy a GARMIN handheld GPS device for about 500$ and also buy this map for 350$ or you can buy N95 and just leave me comment and I’ll provide you for a way to install all this things for nothing, decision is yours now 😉

Update #1: I’ve found another great application for N95 GPS called ExtGPS that let’s you use your N95 as an external Bluetooth GPS Device and you can now use it from your laptop or another handheld device like Windows Mobile or your Pocket PC. This is now in BETA and a Java Application and only work with Bluetooth, maybe some day native symbian and USB comes out which would be the BEST.

Update #2: As I see lots of people having problems with this great application and map, I’m gonna write so more about them:

  • First you need to download the Garmin Mobile XT from
  • Beware that all Garmin Mobile XT softwares (either help and basemaps) need to be installed from Windows when you attached your phone as Mass Storage via USB so the software will install the write into Memory Card of you phone. So you may use a card reader too but I prefer Phone via USB.
  • This application needed to be registered before you can use the Internal GPS, so if you have N95 and you didn’t register (or cracked) the software yet, you’ll see the Bluetooth option, so don’t panic. And also People N80 does not have Internal GPS (that’s way we call N95 "The Great N95" because it has everything) so if you want this software you must use External Nokia Bluetooth GPS, but if I were you I would upgrade to N95.
  • I have found some illegal information here so you may take a look there too.
  • But if you want me to tell you what to do (it would be faster) download and follow instructions.txt
  • And now the application is ready to use, but if you want to whole world basemap and help files you can download them from here for free and install them. And then the software would just looks like a Garmin Handheld device, and you would be happy ’cause you didn’t pay 500$ for a GPS handheld and 350$ for Iran map, but you just have a Great N95.

Update #3: Some people still having problems, so you may do what I’ve told you step-by-step and also mention that:

  • Don’t forget to install Basemap, it is good, it adds the whole world and also the backcolor of iran map become yellow which is just like Garmin Handheld devices so you maybe very proud of you N95 becuase it worked just like a 500$ GPS device and more 😀
  • Also for people having problems in founding Built-in GPS device option in "Setting>Remote GPS" if it is set to Bluetooth you may need to Disable it by using Left-Key (left softkey is set to disable) in "Setting>Remote GPS" and then you may see those options.
  • Also a reboot may help you.

Update #4: First I gotta thank you all people for you kind comments,I never though that these many people would be interested in my blog ever. I think most of people here forgot about support and basemap files, people they are great and I think you must install them after you install the main application. The Help & Support & Voice Files (English) can be downloaded from and they are great. Also the basemap, which add the whole world’s map, can be downloaded from .  And also Thanks PAYAM, for informing me about E90, yes this application works on every S60 3rd Edition or Symbian 9.0 S60 with or without built-in GPS receiver. But you know having Build-in GPS receiver is much better, like Nokia N95, N95 8G, N82, E90 and if you tested on something else tell me about it (and someone on comments wrote about N80). And also after testing Garmin you may test the Google Map for Symbian (v2.0.5 Beta with My Location Feature) by browsing from your phone, which is something amazing (all the world, but you may need GPRS for outdoor use) and if you live in IRAN google blocked us all, so you may search in which is a great forum (better say download center).

Update #5: Some people asked about routing and navigation map for Tehran. I gotta tell you that’s a dream will (never) come true. People in Iran GIS are doing no s..t so we would never can have these things in iran, you better be thinking about leaving.

Anyway, if you need any help just leave me a comment here,

Sadjad Bahmanpour

Windows Live Photo Gallery Little Problem

After upgrading my whole system into all 2007 & 2008 applications from Microsoft, I’ve mentioned a little problem in Windows Live Photo Gallery, simply it won’t start :D, yeah there comes a message tells you to install SQL Server Compact Edition with a button which will link to Microsoft Download Center and then right to the download page of SQL Server CE 3.1, but I have SQL CE 3.5 already installed!!!! That was definitely installed by Visual Studio 2008 Team suite, I just uninstalled the 3.1 version, which I thought no longer be needed.

But I was wrong, the most recent version of Windows Live Photo Gallery 2008 which is 12.0.1308.1023 needs you to have SQL Server CE 3.1 installed. And the 3.5 version of SQL CE don’t work the same.

Hope this will be solved soon,

Sadjad Bahmanpour

What I’ve been UP TO

That past week I had lots of time for new experiences, ’cause you know I’ve got nothing to do and I hate doing nothing so I try to do little of this and that, anyway as may see my last post I’ve installed the whole Visual Studio 2008 Team System package (Team Suite and Team Foundation Server) and I’m glad I could make it that fast.

After I’ve been trying to install v20.0.015 firmware on my brother’s nokia N95, and the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) keep getting me "Downloading Update Failed." error and sometime with some more information about "Connection to the server lost" or something like that and after lots of trail and errors I got it, that was my ISP problem "Datak Telecom " and yesterday they fixed the thing and I did the upgrade first thing in the morning and by lunch time the N95 was patched with the new firmware. This is amazing, the phone is almost faster I mean in every aspects this firmware had its own effects. Now I can run applications side-by-side as much as one, none will disturb the others thanks to application demand paging. Also I found Nokia Energy Profiler which will help you to identify how much of the phones power (battery power) is drained in real-time, by real time I mean it just take a look and you’ll know what I mean, I’ve tested lots of applications together and I saw the Accelerometer is taking more power than you may thing!! so may be you give it try and let me know what else you found out by leaving me a comment.

Another thing I’ve been up to was upgrading to Windows Server 2008 November CTP, I’ve got the DVD so late but late is better than never, so I’ve tried to upgrade the Windows Server 2008 RC0 6001.16659.070916-1443 to Windows Server 2008 November CTP 6001.17042.071107-1618 and I want to see how smooth did this will go, and I tell you this is smoother that you might thing. Everything is alright but just these:

  • Windows Server 2008 Still got the same problem with Marvell Yokun 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller of my Gigabyte Technologies 965P-S3 Mainboard which is not good, so you have to disable the Ethernet controller from BIOS and then try to upgrade. (I’ve wrote about this problem ever since Windows Vista was released) and after the upgrade you may enable it again.
  • The other problem I had was that the Windows Server 2008 just set default service configuration back, I mean I have started the "Windows Audio Service" or Ive disabled "Windows Firewall Service" but they are all gone back to their default settings, but that wasn’t a pain in the a.. but I’m sure they have a good reason for that.
  • After the upgrade, all not connected devices gone, but that’s not bad.
  • Some application like Windows Media Player needed to be reconfigured, that not very bad either.

That was all, everything else was right there as it was before. If you have some questions here, may be you leave me a comment and I test and tell you what!

But I gotta tell you something, if you are using RC0 you need to upgrade, this is just harmless, you can use the same "Product Key" to register and there is no problem there.

The Windows Server 2008 FREAK,

Sadjad Bahmanpour