Things you may not know about N95

There is something bad about lots of N95 owners here, and this is it: "They Know Nothing About it and also they complain about this product and the most s..ty part is that they compare it to crappy iPhone …"
These days while playing with the N95 I found some interesting things about it:
1) First about GPS: I found a nokia website page which tells you about what to do for best GPS recieption "Tips for Better GPS usage" you may take a look. Also I found out that Landmarks you add in GPS Data -> Positioning will also be used in Nokia Map which good. But I’m still trying to make a good map for my home town Tehran, I tried SmartComGPS with some large BITMAP files, I mean a good quality scanned map of tehran and then convert it into Tehran.ogf2, but the calibration part is no good, I mean this is not my job I mean what the F..K them people do in "National Cartographic Center – سازمان نقشه برداری کشور" this is they JOB not mine to create a good map of this city. Anyway if you want my map (Tehran.ogf2) just leave me a comment. Although I want some information about UMT or you want some converter for GPS Positioning systems you may take a look at
2) Accelerometer in N95: You may seen the brand new N82 with some brand new "Automatic UI Turn Feature" and you may think that "Now I what to sell the N95" btu don’t because "The N95 never lets you down" I mean N95 had and has 3D Accelerometer just like nokia 5500 and N82, you may search the web and see some videos about it, nokia has just announced it so it will take a while for people start to write some nice code over it but for now on first go to and download the "MovingBall" and see how 3D is it :D. And there is a great french guy named Samir which start two great projects over Accelerometer first RotateMe 2.0 which will be out soon and the second one Nokmote which will be out after the first one, just take a good look at the website (Don’t try to translate it, the greate Samir just wrote in both French and English) and you’ll learn about them all. There is also some other good project there named horlogeParlante which claimed to read the clock out loud by itself but this is for french only, which is not very genius. And I aslo heared some rumors (I mean read) about new Firmware for N95 v20 or v21 maybe v30 and some good news about application demand paging (which means less memory usage) support and also better Accelerometer support there, and I heard that would be out soon.
I’m still nowhere good at SIP on N95.
If you found this interesting, just leave me comment,
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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