Some Good news from Microsoft

These days are some of best days in the life of every Developers mostly Microsoft Geeks just like myself, because there are some good news out there, some brand new software come out each month or so, here is the list:
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite: Which said to have lots of nice features both for .Net developers and also for C++ geeks like myself, a good friend of mine "Navid Golabetooni" downloaded the 90 days trial version from and I’m gonna install this great product one of these days, and after that I’m gonna tell you whats new.
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server: That friend of mine also downloaded the trial version (Thanks man) from and I’m gonna give it a shot.
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Test Load Agent: which is good for Web Stress Testing, I’m kind of out of web developement but I did lots of things there.
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Explorer: And thats good news for me, some good new features in Team Explorer like Anotate or Folder Diff or Permanently Remove, and all the good things are here.
Visual C# 2008 Keybinding Reference Poster: "Wall chart showing useful keyboard shortcuts for Visual C# programming language" which is most have for every C# developer around the globe, people most use shortcuts more instead of Clicking the mouse (Not just because mouse was invented by crappy APPLE 😀 but also for the sake of speed).
Windows Server 2008: The BEST OS EVER BUILT BY HUMAN, which is in Novermber CTP v.658 (6001.17042.071107-1618), and that Navid promised to download it tonight and I’m gonna test drive it, also someone sent me message on installing Windows Sidebar over Server 2008 Novermeber CTP and he said he had some problems there, so I’m gonna test that too.
Windows Vista SP1: Which is told to be same as Server 2008 and if it is true that would be best client OS ever.
Windows XP SP3: I heared somewhere that this Service Pack woubld be 10% faster in overall performance aspect, which is is very good, but here is the question: What about Windows Server 2003?
And the last but not the least, a very good friend of mine is going into Microsoft, Sina Hakami , rumors said he is prepairing for some job applications for Microsoft and thats best of all above :D. Who know may be someday I write here in my blog that I’m in too, but that would be a long journey which I think someday I have to do.

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