What’s new about N95

First take look at my last posts on this great product THE N95:
Now for today I’m gonna introduce some other nice features and some new cool applications here:
First I gotta tell you about TORCH, yes using your phone as a TORCH, it is simple for most Sony Ericson guys for Nokia people it is like a dream (not for 1100 guys, they have is all there). There are two kinds of torches is nokia, first make LCD as white as possible so we call this LCD TORCH but is not very good but usable, the second one is if your phone has a flash light (camera flash) turn flash light permanently on but here there are some problems:
1) Flash lights of nokia generate heat, I mean lots of heats that can damage them self or the phone.
2) Flash lights of new nokia phones just like N95 has Red Eye Reduction so if you trun that flash light on, it would be RED light which is not good.
So here are some Torch Applications:

"Special Notes:

Note that you need to have Python installed on your phone first. In case you’re not familiar with that, follow the steps given below in the order listed:
Install the Python for S60 interpreter application (PythonForS60_1_4_0_3rdEd.sis) on your phone
Install the script shell (PythonScriptShell_1_4_0_3rdEd.sis)
Install the Miso Module for Python (miso-1.92-s60_3rd_self.sisx)
Send any of the included python scripts (*.py) to e:Python
Next, run Python from the Menu and select the script you want to run."

Honestly I didn’t installed the AIOTorch yet, I think I would never install this one, because I hate Python Anywhere, mostly on someone else’s N95 :D.


Another new thing is http://www.redfivelabs.com/ Net60, this is great, this claims to let you run Compact Framework 1.0 Binaries on you Series60 3rd Edition. WOW thats what I can tell you. This is a dream come true only if you like the Symbian C++ which honestly I’ve tried once 4 years ago and I had no success, so if you are just like me so go ahead and join the Net60 Beta 1, yes this great product is still in beta. The other problem is that they only support CF 1.0 but that could be no harm. Who knows may be Microsoft bought the Whole "Red Five Labs" and then that would be all FUN (I do suggest this, come on MS BUY that LAB for 1M$ 😉 ). Also I see nokia has published a plug-in called CarBide.vs for Visual Studio 2005 C++ http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/resources/tools_and_sdks/carbide/index.html and another huge SDK for the S60 v3 FP1, which as always they blocked IRAN IPs and don’t let me to download this, and thats no harm I don’t what to download 1GB of stuff that I know won’t work as always.


And Now the GPS, you know the N95 just connect to any waves on the air and thats one of them (The only left behind is DVB-H like N73 and I think the next one would have that too). Just go somewhere which you can see lots of sky and go to Tools->GPS Data and then Position -> Options -> Sattelite Status and here you must see how many sattelites you see and how many you can connect (if the boxes became black you are connected) and what you need is atleast 3 connected GPS sattelites and BOOM you can do lots of things (For better connection Open Slide and phone must be in 45" position), in position tab just add some location and name them so you can set the destination and see where is it! Just be ware that turn phone around would do nothing just take the phone infront of yourself and see what you see.

But this is no everything, you can use "Nokia Maps" for GPS navigation, first you need to upgrade Nokia Map http://europe.nokia.com/A4353384 of your phone and then use Nokia Map Loader http://europe.nokia.com/A4353384 to load maps to your phone’s memory, but as I see the new Nokia Map Loader 1.2 just removed IRAN map, so I’ve installed the old 1.0 version and uploaded the map but iran map was just name of very large cities and thats all, I see why they removed the IRAN map.

So anyway after hours of web searching and forum reading I’ve found Wild-Mobile SmartComGPS http://www.wild-mobile.com/eng/viewproject.php?mid=b2d472166bbd3016587cfc659c792435 and aslo OziExplorer (this one is for PC) http://www.oziexplorer.com/ which you can use to convert map images (.png .bmp .jpg I mean) into ogf2 smartcomgps or ozf2 oziexplorer and use them in your installed software. For SmartComGPS you need to download http://www.wild-mobile.com/files/download/ogf2tool-setup.exe OGF2Tool to convert images into ogf2 I’ve tested TehranMap.bmp 16120×13760 634MB and just converted it into TehranMap.ogf2 46MB and then you need to copy this into your phone in "E:DataSmartComGPSMaps" and then in the application use Options->Maps->Select and it worked like a charm, but this is just a map and you need to callibrate the map and this is hardest part which I’m still working on it.


And the last but not the least, The Legend Psiloc irRemote http://irremote.psiloc.com/ WOW that was 4-5 years ago which I own Nokia 7650 and then 6600 and those days I use this software and now THE LEGEND IS BACK, I’ve also used FlashGet SiteExplorer http://www.flashget.com/ to download all the IR Remote Database into 1839 files and 11 folders and I’m gonna test them all on the N95, if you need them all and you don’t know how to use FlashGet you may download them all from here http://cid-21f12bb61b822dfa.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/2007-11-27%20Psiloc%20IrRemote%20Database.zip and copy the into IrRemote folder on your phone memory.


That was all, if you found something interesting just leave me a comment,

Sadjad Bahmanpour

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