Cool Applications on Nokia N95

When I was playing around with my borther’s N95 I found my self with 3000+ Applications I’ve downloaded for Symbian most of it for S60 3rd Edition which I’d like to say most for The GREAT N95, which of them are good and which of them for fools?
I cann’t say I’d tested them all, but atleast I can tell you which of them I like the most (You can also go!21F12BB61B822DFA!279 and see my last post about N95):
1) I updated the phone to lastet firmware version which is v12.0.013, the bad news is you have to download 120MB+ for the firmware and the good news is I see "C:ProgramDataNokiaNokia Service":
RM159_12.0.013_025_U01_uda.fpsx 33.6MB
RM159_0534856_12.0.013_133.dcp 10.1KB
RM159_0534856_12.0.013_133.vpl 3.41
RM159_0534856_12.0.013_133_signature.bin 797 bytes
RM-159_12.0.013_PR.C0R 60.3MB
RM-159_12.0.013_PR.v08 13.0MB
and I think if one your friends need them too, you can update his/her phone for free 😉
2) I’ve installed these softwares
  • "Lonely Cat Games X-Plore" as file explorer, the best new feature here is you can set file assosiation for other applications (e.q AVI, MPEG, …).
  • "Opera Mobile Browser" as you may see the original browser is very good, but you can download files with some externtions like .exe or .torrent, so try this browser which is good too.
  • Microsoft Windows Live for Nokia Series 60, which will install:
    • Windows Live Mail (Very DEEP integrated into you phone just like it was originally there)
    • Windows Live Messenger (A very good one)
    • Windows Live Share Online (Upload a capture photo right into your Windows Live Spaces just like a dream or advertisements)
  • Warelex Mobiola WebCam, makes your phone a WebCam for your PC via Bluetooth or USB
  • Telexy Networks SymSMB, which makes your life even better (and also make CRAPPY IPHONE even CRAPPIER or CRAPPIEST of all) that how you can Share or Connect to Windows Shared Folder via WiFi, YES, I’m telling you this is much more than great.
  • Yahoo! GO, which good for email synchronization but lack of Yahoo Messenger is still something you can see.
  • The GREAT CorePlayer which plays everything and the TOP of the line DIVX (WHOHA, NOW IPHONE OWNERS CAN CRY) I’ve tested lots of DivX Files and this can play 1200kbps files SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH, and as you may know all the movies you can download via torrents (mostly made by someone known as AXXO which I LOVE!) are about 800kbps, so you can copy them via SymSMB from your shared folder and use X-Plore to run it by CorePlayer and have fun and show you middle finger to your friend who owns an iPhone which have to STICK by what APPLE make for them.
  • OH, you may also go to Applications->Downloads and let the "Phone Search" to be updated to 3.x version and now you can search you phone contents Files, Contancts, Messages, … and also you may use "Wigset" or anything there.

I’ll tell you what, That’s more than enough for a Phone.

If you found some other great application or have something to tell me, just leave me a comment.


Sadjad Bahmanpour

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