Nokia N95 Software version 20.0.015 released

This is a good news, but I just get this with one day delay and this is bad, anuway take a look at and you’ll see:

This software version includes battery, stability & performance improvements enabling you to run faster and longer – giving you up to three more hours of music (up to 30% increase, from 9h to 12h of music playback). This release also includes a new version of Nokia Maps which provides faster positioning, faster Map Loader, and free 3-day navigation. Free N-Gage demo games are included and other games are available via Download! With the Nokia Music Store now live in the United Kingdom, users can enjoy the convenience of instant over-the-air downloads, regardless of where they are.

After updating your device software to 20.0.015, and restoring your personal data, you can optimise the menu layout by installing the New_Menu_Structure.SIS file. Download and install this file to rearrange your menu layout specifically for SW 20.0.015. Reboot your device to see the menu changes.


And WOW did they really change the menu layout people wrote about it here and here so you may rapidly backup everything and update your phone because this firmware most be good. But best part is this is mostly about performance and battery life and this is good, I’m currently bussy with new Visual Studio 2008 thing but I’ll write more about this later.

Sadjad Bahmanpour


Some Good news from Microsoft

These days are some of best days in the life of every Developers mostly Microsoft Geeks just like myself, because there are some good news out there, some brand new software come out each month or so, here is the list:
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite: Which said to have lots of nice features both for .Net developers and also for C++ geeks like myself, a good friend of mine "Navid Golabetooni" downloaded the 90 days trial version from and I’m gonna install this great product one of these days, and after that I’m gonna tell you whats new.
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server: That friend of mine also downloaded the trial version (Thanks man) from and I’m gonna give it a shot.
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Test Load Agent: which is good for Web Stress Testing, I’m kind of out of web developement but I did lots of things there.
Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Explorer: And thats good news for me, some good new features in Team Explorer like Anotate or Folder Diff or Permanently Remove, and all the good things are here.
Visual C# 2008 Keybinding Reference Poster: "Wall chart showing useful keyboard shortcuts for Visual C# programming language" which is most have for every C# developer around the globe, people most use shortcuts more instead of Clicking the mouse (Not just because mouse was invented by crappy APPLE 😀 but also for the sake of speed).
Windows Server 2008: The BEST OS EVER BUILT BY HUMAN, which is in Novermber CTP v.658 (6001.17042.071107-1618), and that Navid promised to download it tonight and I’m gonna test drive it, also someone sent me message on installing Windows Sidebar over Server 2008 Novermeber CTP and he said he had some problems there, so I’m gonna test that too.
Windows Vista SP1: Which is told to be same as Server 2008 and if it is true that would be best client OS ever.
Windows XP SP3: I heared somewhere that this Service Pack woubld be 10% faster in overall performance aspect, which is is very good, but here is the question: What about Windows Server 2003?
And the last but not the least, a very good friend of mine is going into Microsoft, Sina Hakami , rumors said he is prepairing for some job applications for Microsoft and thats best of all above :D. Who know may be someday I write here in my blog that I’m in too, but that would be a long journey which I think someday I have to do.

Things you may not know about N95

There is something bad about lots of N95 owners here, and this is it: "They Know Nothing About it and also they complain about this product and the most s..ty part is that they compare it to crappy iPhone …"
These days while playing with the N95 I found some interesting things about it:
1) First about GPS: I found a nokia website page which tells you about what to do for best GPS recieption "Tips for Better GPS usage" you may take a look. Also I found out that Landmarks you add in GPS Data -> Positioning will also be used in Nokia Map which good. But I’m still trying to make a good map for my home town Tehran, I tried SmartComGPS with some large BITMAP files, I mean a good quality scanned map of tehran and then convert it into Tehran.ogf2, but the calibration part is no good, I mean this is not my job I mean what the F..K them people do in "National Cartographic Center – سازمان نقشه برداری کشور" this is they JOB not mine to create a good map of this city. Anyway if you want my map (Tehran.ogf2) just leave me a comment. Although I want some information about UMT or you want some converter for GPS Positioning systems you may take a look at
2) Accelerometer in N95: You may seen the brand new N82 with some brand new "Automatic UI Turn Feature" and you may think that "Now I what to sell the N95" btu don’t because "The N95 never lets you down" I mean N95 had and has 3D Accelerometer just like nokia 5500 and N82, you may search the web and see some videos about it, nokia has just announced it so it will take a while for people start to write some nice code over it but for now on first go to and download the "MovingBall" and see how 3D is it :D. And there is a great french guy named Samir which start two great projects over Accelerometer first RotateMe 2.0 which will be out soon and the second one Nokmote which will be out after the first one, just take a good look at the website (Don’t try to translate it, the greate Samir just wrote in both French and English) and you’ll learn about them all. There is also some other good project there named horlogeParlante which claimed to read the clock out loud by itself but this is for french only, which is not very genius. And I aslo heared some rumors (I mean read) about new Firmware for N95 v20 or v21 maybe v30 and some good news about application demand paging (which means less memory usage) support and also better Accelerometer support there, and I heard that would be out soon.
I’m still nowhere good at SIP on N95.
If you found this interesting, just leave me comment,
Sadjad Bahmanpour

What’s new about N95

First take look at my last posts on this great product THE N95:
Now for today I’m gonna introduce some other nice features and some new cool applications here:
First I gotta tell you about TORCH, yes using your phone as a TORCH, it is simple for most Sony Ericson guys for Nokia people it is like a dream (not for 1100 guys, they have is all there). There are two kinds of torches is nokia, first make LCD as white as possible so we call this LCD TORCH but is not very good but usable, the second one is if your phone has a flash light (camera flash) turn flash light permanently on but here there are some problems:
1) Flash lights of nokia generate heat, I mean lots of heats that can damage them self or the phone.
2) Flash lights of new nokia phones just like N95 has Red Eye Reduction so if you trun that flash light on, it would be RED light which is not good.
So here are some Torch Applications:

"Special Notes:

Note that you need to have Python installed on your phone first. In case you’re not familiar with that, follow the steps given below in the order listed:
Install the Python for S60 interpreter application (PythonForS60_1_4_0_3rdEd.sis) on your phone
Install the script shell (PythonScriptShell_1_4_0_3rdEd.sis)
Install the Miso Module for Python (miso-1.92-s60_3rd_self.sisx)
Send any of the included python scripts (*.py) to e:Python
Next, run Python from the Menu and select the script you want to run."

Honestly I didn’t installed the AIOTorch yet, I think I would never install this one, because I hate Python Anywhere, mostly on someone else’s N95 :D.


Another new thing is Net60, this is great, this claims to let you run Compact Framework 1.0 Binaries on you Series60 3rd Edition. WOW thats what I can tell you. This is a dream come true only if you like the Symbian C++ which honestly I’ve tried once 4 years ago and I had no success, so if you are just like me so go ahead and join the Net60 Beta 1, yes this great product is still in beta. The other problem is that they only support CF 1.0 but that could be no harm. Who knows may be Microsoft bought the Whole "Red Five Labs" and then that would be all FUN (I do suggest this, come on MS BUY that LAB for 1M$ 😉 ). Also I see nokia has published a plug-in called CarBide.vs for Visual Studio 2005 C++ and another huge SDK for the S60 v3 FP1, which as always they blocked IRAN IPs and don’t let me to download this, and thats no harm I don’t what to download 1GB of stuff that I know won’t work as always.


And Now the GPS, you know the N95 just connect to any waves on the air and thats one of them (The only left behind is DVB-H like N73 and I think the next one would have that too). Just go somewhere which you can see lots of sky and go to Tools->GPS Data and then Position -> Options -> Sattelite Status and here you must see how many sattelites you see and how many you can connect (if the boxes became black you are connected) and what you need is atleast 3 connected GPS sattelites and BOOM you can do lots of things (For better connection Open Slide and phone must be in 45" position), in position tab just add some location and name them so you can set the destination and see where is it! Just be ware that turn phone around would do nothing just take the phone infront of yourself and see what you see.

But this is no everything, you can use "Nokia Maps" for GPS navigation, first you need to upgrade Nokia Map of your phone and then use Nokia Map Loader to load maps to your phone’s memory, but as I see the new Nokia Map Loader 1.2 just removed IRAN map, so I’ve installed the old 1.0 version and uploaded the map but iran map was just name of very large cities and thats all, I see why they removed the IRAN map.

So anyway after hours of web searching and forum reading I’ve found Wild-Mobile SmartComGPS and aslo OziExplorer (this one is for PC) which you can use to convert map images (.png .bmp .jpg I mean) into ogf2 smartcomgps or ozf2 oziexplorer and use them in your installed software. For SmartComGPS you need to download OGF2Tool to convert images into ogf2 I’ve tested TehranMap.bmp 16120×13760 634MB and just converted it into TehranMap.ogf2 46MB and then you need to copy this into your phone in "E:DataSmartComGPSMaps" and then in the application use Options->Maps->Select and it worked like a charm, but this is just a map and you need to callibrate the map and this is hardest part which I’m still working on it.


And the last but not the least, The Legend Psiloc irRemote WOW that was 4-5 years ago which I own Nokia 7650 and then 6600 and those days I use this software and now THE LEGEND IS BACK, I’ve also used FlashGet SiteExplorer to download all the IR Remote Database into 1839 files and 11 folders and I’m gonna test them all on the N95, if you need them all and you don’t know how to use FlashGet you may download them all from here and copy the into IrRemote folder on your phone memory.


That was all, if you found something interesting just leave me a comment,

Sadjad Bahmanpour

Cool Applications on Nokia N95

When I was playing around with my borther’s N95 I found my self with 3000+ Applications I’ve downloaded for Symbian most of it for S60 3rd Edition which I’d like to say most for The GREAT N95, which of them are good and which of them for fools?
I cann’t say I’d tested them all, but atleast I can tell you which of them I like the most (You can also go!21F12BB61B822DFA!279 and see my last post about N95):
1) I updated the phone to lastet firmware version which is v12.0.013, the bad news is you have to download 120MB+ for the firmware and the good news is I see "C:ProgramDataNokiaNokia Service":
RM159_12.0.013_025_U01_uda.fpsx 33.6MB
RM159_0534856_12.0.013_133.dcp 10.1KB
RM159_0534856_12.0.013_133.vpl 3.41
RM159_0534856_12.0.013_133_signature.bin 797 bytes
RM-159_12.0.013_PR.C0R 60.3MB
RM-159_12.0.013_PR.v08 13.0MB
and I think if one your friends need them too, you can update his/her phone for free 😉
2) I’ve installed these softwares
  • "Lonely Cat Games X-Plore" as file explorer, the best new feature here is you can set file assosiation for other applications (e.q AVI, MPEG, …).
  • "Opera Mobile Browser" as you may see the original browser is very good, but you can download files with some externtions like .exe or .torrent, so try this browser which is good too.
  • Microsoft Windows Live for Nokia Series 60, which will install:
    • Windows Live Mail (Very DEEP integrated into you phone just like it was originally there)
    • Windows Live Messenger (A very good one)
    • Windows Live Share Online (Upload a capture photo right into your Windows Live Spaces just like a dream or advertisements)
  • Warelex Mobiola WebCam, makes your phone a WebCam for your PC via Bluetooth or USB
  • Telexy Networks SymSMB, which makes your life even better (and also make CRAPPY IPHONE even CRAPPIER or CRAPPIEST of all) that how you can Share or Connect to Windows Shared Folder via WiFi, YES, I’m telling you this is much more than great.
  • Yahoo! GO, which good for email synchronization but lack of Yahoo Messenger is still something you can see.
  • The GREAT CorePlayer which plays everything and the TOP of the line DIVX (WHOHA, NOW IPHONE OWNERS CAN CRY) I’ve tested lots of DivX Files and this can play 1200kbps files SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH, and as you may know all the movies you can download via torrents (mostly made by someone known as AXXO which I LOVE!) are about 800kbps, so you can copy them via SymSMB from your shared folder and use X-Plore to run it by CorePlayer and have fun and show you middle finger to your friend who owns an iPhone which have to STICK by what APPLE make for them.
  • OH, you may also go to Applications->Downloads and let the "Phone Search" to be updated to 3.x version and now you can search you phone contents Files, Contancts, Messages, … and also you may use "Wigset" or anything there.

I’ll tell you what, That’s more than enough for a Phone.

If you found some other great application or have something to tell me, just leave me a comment.


Sadjad Bahmanpour

Spaces that as used by Microsoft Teams

Here I’m gonna link to some Windows Live Spaces which is owned by Microsoft Teams, I’ve always had the problem to remember these and I also got a big favorite directory so I though you may have the same problem some times, so if you do, Here it is:
Wirter Zone: Windows Live Writer blog.
Inside Windows Live Messenger: Windows Live Messenger blog.
The Space Craft: Windows Live Spaces blog.
Your mail is here, come and get it!: Windows Live Hotmail blog. Blog: Windows Live (Personalized) blog.
Windows Live Mail (Desktop) blog.
Windows Live OneCare blog.

Virtual Earth/ Windows Live Maps blog.
Windows Live Wire blog.
Windows Live FamilySafety blog.
Windows Live Gallery blog.
Windows Live Search blog.
Windows Live for TV (Orbit) blog.
Windows Live Favorities blog.
Windows Live Mobile Spaces blog.

Windows Live QnA blog.
Microsoft Popfly blog.
Windows Live Real Moms blog.
Office Live Small Business blog.
Windows Live Alerts blog.
Windows Live Agents blog.
Windows Live Skydrive blog.
Windows Live Expo blog.
Windows Live Safety Scanner blog.
Windows Live Custom Domain blog.
WOW, I didn’t think those was that lot, I see microsoft members using Windows Live Spaces alot more than I think so, and I have to say this product of Windows Live is a great product just like other Windows Lives and also just like other Micorosft Products are all good some are the best.
Maybe some day I’ve made a list on these, but for now lets look at this post just like a list :D.
If you found something that I forgot, just leave me a comment and I’ll add them to the LIST.
Sadjad Bahmanpour