Rearranging Taskbar Icons

Rearranging Taskbar Icons was always a dream in Windows for me, and also I never use thrid party applications for this kind of things, but past few nights I did search web and found an amazing application called "Taskbar Shuffle" I’ve install this and made some changes in options for running the application on startup and also not showing the application’s notification area icon, and now WOW!!! This is just a dream come true, you cannot believe this is like Microsoft Implement this in Windows Server 2008, this application use drag & drop for rearrangment and also transparent the moving icon, just like I wanted, and also you can drag & drop notification area’s icon (just need to use CTRL, but this is assignable) too. So all these years I want it and no one else told me about it, but now I’m telling you: This is Just a Good Application You Can Trust from Third-Parties.

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Sadjad Bahmanpour

3 thoughts on “Rearranging Taskbar Icons”

  1. As I’ve already told you, I’d always been looking for such a feature! Of course that day I couldn’t dl the software, but now I have it, and I love you man! For all the good things you know 😉

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