Windows Media Sharing Support in Windows Server 2008

These days when I play with THE NOKIA N95, if you read my earlier post about this great product you’ll see I had a problem with Windows Server 2008 Windows Media Sharing which I think is not supported atleast in RC0, I’ve send a post in Microsoft TechNet here and still I see no answer to it I also found someone else  (Windows Server 2008 + Media Extenders).
So as I see maybe they don’t want to support this great feature in Server 2008, just because it is a Windows Server. Anway this is what I’ve sent:

Is Windows Media Sharing supported in Windows Server 2008?

 I am using Server 2008 RC0 now for a month, and I cannot find a way to use Windows Media Sharing, I’ve found out that the "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" is missing in local services page and also these files are missing in "Program FilesWindows Media Player" folder:




And also a file missing from "WindowsSystem32"


These are what I’ve found by comparing my Vista Ultimate with Server 2008, Also the "Tools->Options->Library->Configure Sharing" is disabled in Windows Media Player 11 in Server 2008.

So my question is that Will windows media sharing be supported in release version of Windows Server 2008 or is it possible to install this feature somehow (I’ve tried to install the service manually from registry but somewhere it gets an error), because I need this on my server 2008.


Update #1: Here is the answer from Microsoft Technet:

It’s not implemented as a feature and is thus not available. You do have media services which will let you serve content from your server. If you really really need it in your network I’d recommend installing Vista on server hardware.

So, As I see they (Microsoft GUYS) doing it again (Leave things just for VISTA) so I’ll see what I can do about this service…

So If I see something new I’ll let you know, and if you found something please leave me a comment,

Sadjad Bahmanpour

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  1. OK so i found a fix (ish)…. Media player is not allowed to share in Server 2008. Tversity needs some of media players files to run. So install the ‘desktop experience’ feature of server 2008. This installs media player. Then install TVersity and the xbox will see your server. I also turned off the firewall but i intend to close that down when i work out the ports…. i expect TCP; 2869, 10243. UDP; 1900, 10280-10284.

  2. i came across this post after trying to use win2k8 as a home server a few weeks back… seeing other comments i gave up and went back to vista x64 but i decided to give it another try using (a friend uses it on NAS drive) and i found that it supports windows 2003.
    so far… it is accessible from xbox..
    it is indexing the files.. will update you on how things go.. atleast there is no re-encoding

  3. You can install Windows Media Services 2008 for Windows 2008 Server, the features are limited with standard version. Anyways you can get the same features like "Media Sharing" on Windows Vista.Media Services 2008 is not bundle in the Windows 2008 Box, distribute as an update. Install and setup the ROL. may found "MMS" support to broadcast content in your network. Also support other features like "Bandwidth Management", "Authentication" and you may configure as many broadcasts you want.You may want to broadcast:1. Music Library as Demand.2. Music Library Random as Radio Station.3. Broadcast your divx and other movie, requiere content encoding real-time or in batch.Regards!

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