Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder for Server 2003

Here is the thing, you have a network full of computers lots o XP & Vista some of them are Windows Server 2003 and little bunch of THE GREAT WINDOWS SERVER 2008 and you open Network and Sharing Center in Vista and Click the "View full map" and just the Vista computers shows up, so what about others, I’ll tell you what:
1) For Windows XP you need to install Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder KB922120 and then you can see them in Vista full map.
2) For Windows 2008 and also Vista if they are in domain mode you need change some "Group Policy Objects" open gpedit.msc -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> Link-Layer Topology Discovery and change "Turn on Mapper I/O (LLTDIO) driver" & "Turn on Responder (RSPDNR) driver" both to enabled and also check "Allow operation while in domain" and also if you what check "Allow operation while in public network" (Which is not recommended).
3) The last but not the least for OLD GREAT WINDOWS SERVER 2003: Microsoft has not released any update or KBs for Server 2003 and I HATE THEM when they do these things about this GREAT PRODUCT. So I’m gonna show you how you can install any updates just like this on Server 2003 (Windows Media Player 11 can be installed with this trick on Server 2003, which I did for my brother’s Server 2003):
First you need to run the update on a Server 2003 machine that you can simply copy the containing folders to somewhere, after you run this update it will tell you that this OS is not supported but as you know they first unzip the update then they check for integration so you just need to go to C: and copy newly created folder to somewhere and let that update delete the created folder. So now you have all you need, and there is just one step left and that is to manipulate the update .inf file which check the OS integration so go to "update folder" and there you see "update_SP2GDR.inf" & "update_SP2QFE.inf" these are the files that needed to be manipulated, first make a backup of both of them and then open them via NotePad and these are the line that needed to be changed:
    NtBuildToUpdate           = 2600
    NtMajorVersionToUpdate    = 5
    NtMinorVersionToUpdate    = 1
    MaxNtBuildToUpdate        = 2600
    MaxNtMajorVersionToUpdate = 5
    MaxNtMinorVersionToUpdate = 1
and you may change them into:
    NtBuildToUpdate           = 3790
    NtMajorVersionToUpdate    = 5
    NtMinorVersionToUpdate    = 2
    MaxNtBuildToUpdate        = 3790
    MaxNtMajorVersionToUpdate = 5
    MaxNtMinorVersionToUpdate = 2
the 3790 is the build number of Server 2003 and 5.2 is the Windows Version, is that it, No! If you try to run the update.exe some message will come up and tell you that the "Cryptography Service cann’t verify the integration of the update" which means the update.exe knows that you’ve change those files, so we need to trick the "Cryptography Service" which is far to easy than you may think you just need to be fast, the update.exe first check the OS integration which you’ve tricked it and then with a little delay (which of course this delay is related how fast you computer is) the "Cryptography Service" check the package for not being changed so just need to be fast and copy back the original files over the manipulated them just after the update.exe UI came up, so may write some bat files and use the OLD "copy /y source destination" and you may use the "pause" to stop the CMD and wait for your command! That’s it this will install the update, but for me this was not the end, we call this THE TRICK, so that’s what you need to do:
Go to Properties of Local Area Connection (if you have more than one LAN card you may do this on the LAN that is connected to the Network) click on Install, then select Protocol and click Add, click Have disk and point to "Update FolderSP2GDRiprspndr.inf" and install this protocol, OK all the pages and close them all, then go to properties and this time Uninstall the protocol, NOW it’s the time to do THE TRICK, after that for not doing the restart go to "Administrative Tools -> Local Serices" and restart the "Network Connections" services by right clicking on the name and selecting RESTART, and this is it! Go back to Vista and refresh the "View Full Map" and you’ll see what you see!
Tell me if this work or not by leaving just a comment,
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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  1. I was just about to try your hack, but I found this page:

    It says that you can run the extracted update.exe in XP Compatibility Mode.  It seems to have worked on my server, although I have done it remotely, through Remote Desktop, and my Vista laptop is not on the LAN right now, so I haven’t checked it working.  But it appears amongst the protocols.
    Thanks for your tip though.  I am sure it works just as well, but the other way is quicker.

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