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Whitin last couple of days I’ve been busy playing with my brother’s "Nokia N95" which I have to say this is best phone (phone/ smart phone/ windows mobile phone/ …) I’ve ever worked with, everything is there!! I mean everything, I did have 7650 and 6600 about 4 years before but this is something else.
After a day of playing around with it, I start to boost this phone first with 112.3MB software update from nokia and then with http://mobile.divx.com/divx and http://www.coreplayer.com/ and http://www.lonelycatgames.com/?app=xplore (with file assosiation set for avi and mpeg …) and the last one the Windows Live for Symbian S60, and now this just amazing device. The movie playback is much better than a 500Mhz PC and also the WiFi is very good and the TV OUT is exciting, but the HOME NETWORK (The Upnp technology) is something brilliant I tried it with my Vista and it work like a charm I just could copy my file to the phone but do not have the preview ability (which is a shame) and also VISTA could not reach the shared files and I don’t know why. Also about the MMS you should first create a Access Point that has the Home Page set to for example "http://mms:8002" and if you don’t set the home page you cannot choose this access point in MMS configuration page it will say "No Access Point Defined. Define on in Configuration Page".
But the Media Sharing is disabled in Windows Server 2008 and I have to this to my wish list for Server 2008 the Windows Media Sharing Network Configuration is unavailable and the UPNP Host and SSDP serivce are set to disabled.
I also found http://www.motvik.com/ a freeware application that turn the S60 into your PC’s webcam I’ll try this and let you know, I also tried SmartCam http://sourceforge.net/projects/smartcam/ but this takes about 30% of my CPU even if it is not connected to a Phone.
Now I’m making a good office network based SIP Solution with combination of eyeBeam 1.5 http://www.counterpath.com/eyebeam-overview.html or X-Lite 2.0 http://www.counterpath.com/xlite-overview.html and 3CX Phone System 3.1 http://www.3cx.com/phone-system/ and also the GREATE N95 and let you know what will come out of these. I think that would be amazing to talk on the phone but don’t pay for the serivce (At least whn you’r in WiFi range and also you want to talk someone with broadband internet!)
Thanks Nokia for this great product the N95, I’ll look forward for N95 8GB or also N97
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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