Windows Desktop Search 3.01 is now Mandatory

Last night there a big "Revised Updates" happend in WSUS 3.0 and 22 or more updates revised, and one of them is " Windows Desktop Search 3.01 for Windows 2003 and XP" and now all my computer pop this update and all of them (All 2003 and XP) said they need this. This is not good, I don’t want to install Desktop Search on Domain Controller. Maybe is just a revision bug or may be this is what Microsoft wants to install WDS 3.01 on all computers.
Update #1: Now the WORLD is angry about Microsoft, I FOUND IT FIRST :D, this is so bad that this post had 300+ viewer just in one night and I found and lots of others with same problem and I see no asnwer from microsoft, as I want to annoying update notification to be gone I’ve installed this on my servers too, but my brother still refuse to install this update he always hated WDS, and then disabled the "Windows Search" and now nothing is wrong but the "Notification Area Icon of WDS" I tried to remove the "Startup link on WDS" but some search problem occured so I just leave it be. So If you heard something new be gentle and inform me.
Update #2: This is getting worse and worse, this post has 4600+ viewers tonight and this is good for me but BAD FOR MICROSOFT and also WSUS TEAM, as someone comments on this post the WSUS team respond on thier blog here but at last I didn’t get why they want all computers for have this program, some don’t want and some hate I don’t want to have WDS on my Domain Controller or TFS Server or also the WSUS and I don’t want to hide or remove this update, this is bad. I now start to hate this LYING TEAM, they do the same about the ATI Graphic Drive and I’ve wrote something about that to.
I’ve also noticed on Microsoft Connect Web site that the Service Pack 1 of WSUS 3.0 is in RC mode you can see here may be some good changes be done here.
Update #3: First thanks for all comment you left me, and second as I see the WDS 3.01 update EXPIRED in WSUS last night and now there is no problem to uninstall the installed updates and wait to see what will come next.
If you know something about this, just leave me a comment,

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  1. Same thing happend at our site, I’ve got 3000 clients with "Windows Desktop Search 3.01, and an assorted numbers of servers with the same problem. I’m slighly pissed of at M$ right now….  All the clients have slowed to a crawl, and the file servers are having problems with the load…

  2. Same here.
    Thanks for the warning M$. Now I am here for the next 10 hours uninstalling this crap, as our entire network has pretty much ground to a halt

  3. I just happened to notice my clients needing this "update" shortly after it was listed in my WSUS server.  I’ve been searching for posts such as yours since then because I was not happy to see this.  I have since removed the Updates category from automatic approval.  Microsoft should know better than to put us in the middle of its battle with Google.

  4. Yeh same I’m not very happy with MS.
    I use WSUS v2 and usually have to approve every update before they get pushed out to users, but this round of updates decided to approve themselves.At least I only had them set to download and notify, so it was only some users that saw it and installed it before I sent out an email and changed the approval in WSUS.
    I’m sure Google would love to be able to push out thier desktop search the way MS have.

  5. Of the 2000 clients I administer, everyone with local admin rights recieved the popup saying this update was needed, this included all laptop users, and various factory production line machines we have. We are not happy about this either.

  6. This could only happen if in WSUS in the item "classifications" (options, Products and classifications), the item "tools", or "all classifications" are turned on..? Anyways, I will keep an extra eye on my WSUS server..

  7. I also think its stinks that WDS is required to use indexed searching in Outlook 2007!They aqquired Lookout software in 2004 and now blocked the use of that program and othersEverytime you open Outlook open it keeps asking for WDSSomething needs to be done on this subject tooBest Regards,Rick

  8. 1st Decline updates in WSUS
    after that try this script in f.i. logoscript (at own risc):

    IF NOT EXIST "%SYSTEMROOT%$NtUninstallKB917013$spuninstspuninst.exe" GOTO EINDE
    "%SYSTEMROOT%$NtUninstallKB917013$spuninstspuninst.exe" /passive /norestart

  9. MS:  "This was a revision to a previous update, not an update, which will install automatically if the original update is installed because of how WSUS is configured by default.  If you would like to disable this (actually useful feature) please follow these instructions…"IT:  "But we didn’t have the original update installed, and the revision to the previous, eh, not installed update, still automatically installed.  If we had the original update installed we’d be fine with the revision to the update installing."MS:  "Yes.  Exactly.  … <silence> …There are $10 off coupons for the new Microsoft Zune and 30 day trial copies of Windows Vista on the desk in the back, thanks for coming!"Somewhere in Redmond, an intern has been reprimanded for checking the "bypass all configured settings and restrictions and install update with no notice to computer owner" check box in the Windows Update packaging software.  The intern is now busy going through a stepped testing script for the new and improved Windows Longhorn Solitaire game, which will feature animated, transparent cards – FINALLY! – and require 1GB of RAM to run.Tonight, as Microsoft "appreciates the problems" they have caused, the C-level staff and managers will meet at a Starbucks to discuss how hard their day was; the intern will go around to all the desktops in Redmond and uninstall Desktop Search by hand –  as even Microsoft doesn’t use it, and all their PCs automatically updated along with ours.

  10. ‘
    "We will be tightening the criterea for Revisions so that auto-approval  of revision behaivors are more predictable and of similar scope as the originial approved update, as we appreciate the confusion this behaivor caused. "

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