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These days I’ve been busy playing around with new Windows Server 2008 RC0 Enterprise Edition to see when can I start to migrate, WOW, I’ve just migrated! I can’t tell you how good I feel about this, THIS IS FAR MORE BETTER THAN Windows Server 2003, I have to tell it out load because this server windows solved all annoying things in windows server 2003.
So about stability this is all good, I mean you can install this as your main windows, but I also kept my installed windows server 2003 for some security reasons. So I’m gonna write down my review about this great product here one-by-one:
  • Faster boot time even in domain-joint mode
  • All same UI as vista so you can have vista anytime you want, you just need mouse pointer file copied from an installed vista and also you may can copy media center or may be dream sence (if this would be possible! WOW)
  • There is no compatiblity option on executable files for Compatible as Vista, maybe this is a bug or this is a good feature, I mean being all the same
  • CD/ DVD Burning features all as Vista
  • No feature/ Roles are enabled by default and this is good all managable and all is in your hand
  • Forefront Client security is fully compatible
  • All Vista drivers can be used, no problems here
  • Less restart needed than server 2003
  • The IE is faster, you must disable IE ESC at least for administrator and I also disabled Windows Firewall Services and also disabled QoS service on my LAN card
  • There is still the same problem via Marvell Lan Cards, refer!21F12BB61B822DFA!145.entry for my work around
  • I cannot play DVD from my external drive with Windows Media Player/ Media Player Classic but Media Player Calssic can play DVDs from DVD drive and also if I use win2k8Videos style I could play DVDs from external HDD but still no help on Windows Media Player
  • The number of pre-installed codec are only 72 or something which is very good, there is no default DVD decoder installed which is better than VISTA
  • The Start Menu and Seach Feature are very good/ fast
  • I couldn’t find "Windows SideBar" but "Windows SideShow" is here and working
  • The defualt memory usage is something around 370MB (without aero theme) which is not bad
  • No problem on Sound/ Video playback or codecs everything are compatible
  • No application crashes like what vista do alot
  • Sharing is done with a whole new way which is so much better, you just select which user and Server do all the rest

Anyway this what I tested till now, I’ll update if I see something interesting! If you want something that I can test for you just leave me comment here!

Update #1: The DVD playback in Media Player Classic is now OK, the problem was because I made my SONY DVD Player/Drive Region Free via RPC1 which can be found in . I enable the RPC2/ DVD Region of the drive and reinstall the Server 2008 and MPC is now ok, but there is still problem via Windows Media Player which says "Windows Media Player cannot play DVD video. You might need to adjust your Windows display settings. Open display settings in Control Panel, and then try lowering your screen resolution and color quality settings." I think I have to copy msmpeg2vdec.dll and msmpeg2adec.dll from my installed Windows Vista Ultimate, I think the Windows Media Player 11 for Vista/Server 2008 just like microsoft mpeg-2 decoder and I have gabet one, So I’m gonna test that …

Update #2: Windows Live Photo Gallery beta will be installed but cannot be started because an error from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition, so I just downloaded it from here and installed it after Windows Live Photo Gallery and now everything is ok, I think this is intalled by default on Vista.

Update #3: I’ve just overcome the DVD playback problem WOW, This was about codec. I’ve used this combination to solve this problem: Gabest Mpeg Splitter (, NVidia PureVideo (as MPEG-2 decoder), Gabet DirectVobSub (VSFilter.dll), DivX Pro (AVI codec) this is it, this would play everything. I’ll write about codecs sometimes in near future, ’cause I see lots of people install lots of codecs to set things working. The only left problem is that I cannot play DVD’s from my External HDD (USB Western Digital Premium) nor in media player niether on MPC both said something about region. My workaround would be the old Sharing Trick, I meant I’ll access the drive by win2k8Movies and they never know this is external drive or internal. I have the problem on my Vista Ultimate.

Sadjad Bahmanpour


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  1. Can you outline what decoders were necessary to play media center recordings on Win2k8?  Can we not copy over and register the DVD decoder from Vista Ultimate and get it to work?

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