Mysterious Update in WSUS 3.0

Today a new product was added to WSUS 3.0 which I think is very new (I mean very beta) "Microsoft Forefront Unified Security Gateway (USG) Definition Updates for HTTP Malware Protection", I’ve searched the web and no result. I’ve just selected it and there was some new updates comming for this, something like "Forefront Client Security Definition Updates".
As far as I see this could be something around Stirling maybe some antivirus plug-in for ISA Server 2006 or something about ISA Server 2008 or who knows maybe about mixature of all of them.
If you feel something about this "Tell me about it!".
Update #1: I see some others whom mentioned it here but there should be more people asking about this, why not, I don’t know?
Update #2: YEAH, I was right, today microsoft rename the category to "ISA Server codename Nitrogen, Definition Update for HTTP Malware Protection" and thats what I’ve told you about, so now I want this new product to give it a test drive and see how this work. If you have any new information about Microsoft Forefront Edge Security (ISA Server 2008) please leave me a comment.

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