WSUS Synchronization History Cleanup

Today I’ve been synchronizing my friend’s WSUS (Windows Server Update Services), I was in middle of this work that I remembered to check my server "Synchronizations History", WOW this is taking so long (387 history), now I know what I want!
"A Solution to clean or cleanup the Synchronization History in WSUS 3.0":
So I’ve tried to search the web but no one has the answer but some have the same question which I’d love to hear from them, so then I’ve tried to monitor the SQL Server 2005 via the Management Studio -> Management -> Activity Monitor, and takes about an hour to find these:
First "tbEvent", "tbEventInstance", "tbEventMessageTemplate" so check them table out and you’ll see what I see! I’ve got 5000+ events in my "tbEventInstance Table" and thats where my synchronizations are! so you can just simply clear the table via:
DELETE FROM [SUSDB].[dbo].[tbEventInstance]
I didn’t do that but you may! This might clear all the events occured from the start till now.
So second I’ve checked "tbEventMessageTemplate Table" where there is a message for every EventID. check them out and you’ll see Event ID’s between 381 and 387, they are all about synchronization.
Now you may execute this:
DELETE FROM [SUSDB].[dbo].[tbEventInstance]
WHERE [EventID]=381 or [EventID]=382 or [EventID]=384 or [EventID]=386 or [EventID]=387
and this is what I do and now I have no synchronization history and this will done as fast as possible (means in no time!).
So you may now do this after every "Server Cleanup Wizard"! Who now may be someday them Microsoft Workers add this there to…
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Sadjad Bahmanpour

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