Make Changes to InstallShield and MSI Packages

This is would be Legall or Illegal to change the Installer package but sometimes the package makers do something that convince me to change their packges. The most convincing situation is when I get "This OS is not Supported" (You know I use the Windows Server 2003 / Windows 2003) on package that will install on Windows XP (which I hate) and when the package says that I JUST WANT TO RIP THE PROGRAMMER APART, so these are the times I want to change the packages (but sometimes there are some other reasons, like serial numbers …).
So lets ROLL, there are two most used package types:
1) MicrosoftInstaller – MSI: This is very easy, Search the web for Orca (This is part of Windows SDK, but you might find it!) and install it, it is easy to use, just open the .msi file, all the rest is to search for WindowsNT or Version and change the logic  and save the package back.
If you want the installer files, search the web for "Extract msiexec", or refer to or Use the "MSI Plugin for PowerArchiver 2007".
2) InstallShield Package: If you want package files search the web for "Unshield" this is an Open Source software under SourceForge, but you might search for binary in the web and someone might built it before just for you ;).
But if you want to change, this is the hard part, checkout the Setup.ins or Setup.inx these are what you have to DECOMPILE search the web for Sexy InstallShield Decompiler (SID) this is the best (You can download it from, open the ins or inx file with this application and you’ll see a LARGE code appears for you, the only changes you can make is that after you find appropriate line right-click on it and it will show you the valid changes. Those changes are logicly means you can change "a = b" to "a != b"  or "a > b" and this is too hard but with a little luck you can. And something else, sometimes the inx files are encrypted that you have to dectrypt them before, but mine never was encrypted.
Last night I used SID for "DigiOnAudio2 Pro" installer and now I have a package which accept every Serial but the corrent one!!!!
If you find this helpfull or you have any problem, just leave me a message.
 Updated: I’ve uploaded some useful (mentioned above) utilities in Windows Live Folders, hope these will help you:

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  1. Hi, i need informations about inx files. I have a exe file setup.exe and when it runs, it creates 2 directories with full dll files and an setup.inx inside them. When i try to decompille it with SID ver.1.0, it crashes during recompiling. If i managed to patch the inx file, how can i do setup process again?
    Have in mind that the setup.exe file creates realtime those files and i dont know how to use the patched inx file in order to bypass the serial checking proccess.

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