DVD-Audio Reading / Ripping Problem & Solutions

Someone gave me "Pink Floyd – Wish You Where Here" DVD-Audio, there was two folder in it VIDEO_TS (as always) and a AUDIO_TS (which shows this is DVD-A), I tried to play the "VIDEO_TS.VOB" file via Windows Media Player 11 and it was ok the "DTS 4.0" & "Dolby 4.0" sound was ok, but I never could play any file from "AUDIO_TS". I know may be you said try "PowerDVD", "WinDVD", … which I HATE THEM, Windows Media Player must play that or there is no need to play!!!!
So We (Me & my brother "Komeil Bahmanpour") start to research (I love these times) after some hours of researches he made a DVD-A and test in our Pioneer DV-575A there is an "Intial Setting" which tell the player to start DVD-Video or DVD-Audio first if both exists by default it is set to "DVD-Audio" so the same DVD Menu (same as media player) came to screen but there is a new sound "MLP 4.0". So the researches start again.
For MLP refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meridian_Lossless_Packing , the new packing/ encoding method!!!! I hate companies when they use something else "MLP" when there is also something else "WMA LOSSLESS 5.1 CHANNEL" which is THE BEST.
So after some hours I get that the DVD-Audio players all of them has a build-in chip which decode the MLP and MUST have ANALOG output to output the signals, which means you NEVER can stream it through FIBER (TOSLINK/SPDIF) or COAXIAL (SPDIF) to you reciever (unless it is down/up mixxed to something else like DTS or DOLBEY). The MLP by it self can be 96000Hz 24bit which is great but you HAVE TO make ANALOG which I HAVE THE MOST. (write it down everynight 100 times: "I HATE ANALOG")
So the best part of the DVD-Audio Project starts hear, we HAVE TO:
Convert the AOB to WMA lossless 5.1 channel (WMA Professional 9.2) or
Convert the AOB to MLP then to WMA lossless 5.1 channel (WMA Professional 9.2) or
Convert the AOB to WAV 6 channel then to WMA lossless 5.1 channel (WMA Professional 9.2) or
Convert the AOB to MLP to WAV 6 channel then to WMA lossless 5.1 channel (WMA Professional 9.2) or
Anything else that worth a research.
From this line you may see some ILLEGAL / OUTLAW / etc works, so if it is bad in your country CLOSE the page and NEVER look back.
So lets ROCK’N’ROLL, you may need these software, I’m not telling you download them from TORRENT but you may:
* DVDAExplorer A6/A7 (DVD-Audio Explorer 2005.06.16 alpha7 by MaximA)
* DVD-A Ripper 99F
* WinDVD
* SurCode MLP Encoder (it is for $2495, if you may pay for this, you better pay the BAND any they will play for you LIVE evertime you feel you may need to hear their voice, but BEWARE some bands just like PINK FLOYD may not even turn their head to see you and smile for the camera for $2495)
* Total Commander
* Adobe Audition (Version 1.5 recommanded, I didn’t find Multichannel Encoder Window in version 2.0, if know where it is PLEASE leave a message)
* SurCode DVD Pro DTS or CD DTS (if you want to convert to DTS WAV FILE, which I don’t want, but if create the DTS WAV file you can play it via AC3Filter http://ac3filter.net/ just be sure that AC3Filter used for PCM)
If you search for "DVD-A Ripping Guide" in torrents you will find most of there softwares and also a great PDF file which helped the most written by:
 "Guide authored by desertrat for ‘Mojave Productions’ August 2006.
Editing and additional information by AtAt courtesy of ‘Alone With Strangers’.
Thanks to AtAt, meterman38 and Earguy for testing the draft document.
Thanks to thenco for moral support.
Special thanks to scamp and the software authors.
‘Surcode MLP Encoder Workaround Guide’ developed from the original workaround by scamp."
this guide is step by step, by I’ll tell you the most important parts:
1) Check that the DVD is encrypted by CPPM (CPPM Protected) or not, for this just check that you have "DVDAUDIO.MKB", if yes go for DVD-A Ripper and WinDVD.
2) Using the DVD-A Explorer (This is how the programs must be written CLEAR, FAST, EASY TO USE) extract the MLP file from each track. If there was DirectShow Filter for .mlp files this would be the end but, as I know, there is no DirectShow Filter or any other free or cracked codec.
3) Now is most hard part, use SureCode MLP Encoder and Total Commander decode the mlp files into 3 stereo wav files: LfRf, CLFE, LsRs
I know this is MLP Encoder but they use it in a NICE way to decode (I like when people do this! SCAMP, you’re the best)
There is also another application named "DigiOnAudio2 Pro" which someone claimed that it will do the conversion, if you know where can find this PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE.
4) Now you have 3 wav files, you can do whatever you want:
* You can convert the to a DTS WAV file and then DTS CD, which is 48000Hz 24bit (I’m not sure about channels but I think it is 2 or 4), but this is a downmix which do not want, I prefer the DVD-Video to DOWNMIXing the DVD-Audio
* Or you may follow me, so in this part I used Adobe Audition 1.5 and "GUIDE: Using Adobe Audition 1.5 or 2.0 to create 5.1 files" which I found here: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=106500 by "Steve (ursamtl)". I used his workaound but I’m telling you, you just may need to open those 3 wav files in Audition and insert each of them in a Track so you’ll have 3 Tracks now open "Multichannel Encoder Windows (CTRL+E)" and assign them to corresponding Pan (Panning Assignment) and convert it to multichannel WMA Lossless 5.1 channel 96kHz 24bit.
WOW it is done,
* The mlp file is 375MB
* 3 wav files are 3*447MB
* The wma file is 440MB (but believe me the quality is UNBELIEVABLE)
You may also create 6 channel wav file and them convert to anything you want, I use dbPowerAmp http://www.dbpoweramp.com/ to convert it is the best.
**** There is something else that you may have problem with that:
"I’d like to bring your attention to step 2 in the first part, where you have to chose the channel mode. Open DVD-A Explorer and look at your track’s properties. You should see somewhere "Group 1 Channel Assignment" and "Group 2 Channel Assignment". Make sure the settings in SurCode matches what DVD-A Explorer shows about your track.

Also, in DVD-A Explorer, take a look at the fist track’s channel info. Now take a look at the following tracks’. Does only the first track have channel info? That is because it is the only way to create gapless playback on a DVD-A (from what I can understand). If your disc is this way, then you’ll have to merge all your MLPs together before decoding (under windows, copy /b track1.mlp+track2.mlp+track3.mlp+… should do the trick (it did for me)). Once that is done, decode your big merged MLP, merge the wavs with correct channel order and then you can proceed to split the wav in separate tracks, if you chose to. Sadly, I have not found any accurate way to do this. DVD-A explorer only reports track lengths to the nearest second. If you have an exact CD copy, then you could try getting a CUE from the CD and applying it to your DVD-A wav rip. Personally, I did it by ear since the CD I had didn’t have the same timing."

Thanks man.
**** This is what I add after:
About Adobe Audition 2.0, ?I was wrong the "Multichannel Encoder Window" is now "Surround Encoder Window" both where under "View Menu" and both will come up with CTRL+E in Adobe Audition 2.0 it will come up when you are in Multitrack mode.
And About DigiOnAudio2 Pro (Professional), I was wrong too, This is great, this application will open MLP files, will play them, and will also convert them directly to WMA 9.2 Lossless 5.1 Channel 96kHz 24bit, or to 6Channel Wav 96kHz, or also to 6Channel Wav 44.1kHz that you can use to create DTS WAV files (6mono wav files via Adobe Audition, via Save Selection) via SurCode CD Pro DTS or SurCode DVD Pro DTS (if you set the DVD Pro to 44.1kHz it will work just like CD Pro DTS http://www.surcode.com/low/dvdDts/dvdDts.htm ) and then you can burn a Audio CD via Nero with that wav file and play it in you DTS supported player and it is GREAT if you ask me, but just 8 years LATE.
something else the DTS CD is the only 6channel audio file that you may can play in your car audio system.
So the DVD-Audio makers I hate YOU just because YOU hate digital world, and I write this to show you how weak you and your partners are.
Use this document on you own, and leave message for me if it is good or bad or worked or not or …
 Updated: I’ve uploaded some useful (mentioned above) utilities in Windows Live Folders, hope these will help you:
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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  1. Excellent coverage of the topic Sadjad. I had a question on the next step.
    Once you have a single 6 channel wav file on your PC how do you play it? I only get 2.0 channels on my PC in windows media player (since I use media center 7). I have a nforce4 motherboard that has Realtek ALC850 audio chip. The PC is connected to Sony STR-DA777ES receiver through toslink, and my default audio device is Realtek S/PDIF.

    Thanks. -Amitabh

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