Windows Server 2008 (Longhorn Server) Beta 3

I downloaded the Enterprise Edition of Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 and installed it back in 4-5 days, It is good, but it unlike the Windows Server 2003 it consume 500+ MB of my memory which I do not know why!!!!
After some searches in this great product, I found out that there is feature that you can enable named "Windows Desktop Experience" which will make it just like Windows Vista, I’ve mentioned it also install Windows SideBar or Windows SideShow (WOW!) The only thing I left behind is Windows Media Center which I think can be copied from Vista Ultimate, And you Server 2008 would be greatest for Developement (I would never use Vista or XP as my devepolement envirounment, never!!!!!).
I’ve installed the lastest Drive From NVidia and Realtek and Also Marvell, all of them was drivers made for Vista and none of had problem, I also tried to install "Microsoft ForeFront Client Security" on it and there was no problem (I’am going the write blog about this!).
The only problem of "Windows Server 2008 Beta 3" is that the "Windows Photo Galery" will hang every time you open it!!!

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