Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

Tonight after 2 days I’ve installed the "Visual Studio 2005 – Team Foundation Server" (TFS), and now I love microsoft more and more, this is the best CASE TOOLS I’ve ever seen and worked with (believe me I’ve worked with most of them, I was in a team name "HEROES" working on a great CASE TOOLS ever made, the project never came out comercially but I’ve learn alot in that year and half).
But to install the Team Explorer first you need to disable "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security" which placed under "Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration", and after that everything would be as great as a DREAM for a programmer (I have a Visual C++ Solution which has 14 Projects WOW in it, and it worked like a charm for me!!!!).
So after that I’ve experienced alot changes in IE 7.0 (under Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition):
1) The Internet Explorer download page faster (or I donot know may be just render page faster) (I mean something faster that you cannot imagine).
2) Work faster with AJAX based sites like , SO MUCH FASTER, as I’ve thought the internet I’ve used is upgraded to something else
3) Now the "Windows Live Sign-in Assistant" works, I’ve always thought that this problem of Windows 2003 but now I know how to solve this!!!
the problem was I always see the last signed in account, just like I never installed the component via Windows Live Messenger.
If you are using Windows Server 2003 I recomend you to just try this tweak and see what will happend next.
I’ve always thought how IE 7.0 works faster under Windows Vista, or why it is slower under Windows 2003, now I know the answer.
The only thing that still amazed me in Windows Vista is the speed of network; If I found something I’ll let you all know about it.

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