Team Foundation Server and IIS problem

Last night I to upgrade my WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) from 2.0 into WSUS 3.0, and everything was right and I tried to manage it from my cliend computer via supplied console (At frist I hate microsoft for switching everything into MMC but after some hours of teseting the new console which is based on MMC 3.0, now I love microsoft again, cause it is so fast) and everthing was good too.
So I tried to install the Visual Studio 2005 – Team Foundation Server (VSTFS/ TFS 2005) and then the SP1 and everything was good, so after that I tried to connect to the WSUS 3.0 and I gets errors and there was lots of erros in event viewer (I just remember one of them "Self-update is not working" Event ID: 13031 Source: Windows Server Update, there was some error about "Unsupported format request" on all of the web services used by WSUS), after an hour of research 😀 (At last I just uninstall the TFS) I just found out that the TFS set the IIS to just respond to the and I just do not know WHY?????
So today I’m going to reinstall the TFS and see what I can do to have them both on a single server.

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