Motorola Phone Tools on Windows Vista

Today I tried to install Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) v4.3.6c on my laptop’s Vista (Ultimate Edition) and there was no problem, just lots of windows driver signature warning which pass them, after I connect Motorola L6 through USB port windows tried to install "Motorola USB Modem" which failed.
After an hour of search I’ve found the newest Motorola Driver from "Motorola Developer’s Website" you can find it here current version which worked for me is v2.6.2.0 (Motorola_EU_Driver_Installation_v2.6.2.msi) just remember try to install this file just after installing the MPT and then try to connect to the device (I read somewhere which you can always use bluetooth even the USB Modem fail to install, but who cares I want to charge the device first!).

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