Windows Live for TV (Orbit) on Windows 2003 Server

Today I wanted to install "Windows Live for TV (Orbit)" on my Windows Server 2003 (you know I love this OS, I have vista ultimate installed, but this is something else, I’m waiting for Longhorn Server), If you try this you will get an untrusted something error, so the only thing is needed is that you iimport "MS Codesign certificate.cer" (with CertMgr.exe, "certmgr.exe -add certificate.cer -c -s -r localMachine TrustedPublisher") you can find the certificate file from installing it into some vista you have or just try to open the Orbit.msi (you can use PowerArchiver with needed add-on). And after that when you go to original XBAP URL, you’ll see the orbit in Windows Server 2003.
Remember nothing is impossible,
Sadjad Bahmanpour

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