Windows Vista TimeZone Daylight Saving Problem

This is my first day of blog and I can’t stop writing 😀

After installing windows vista on my laptop I’ve just found that the Windows Vista have the same Timezone daylight saving problem as all other windows, I just set the Timezone to Tehran +3:30 but the windows told me that there would be daylight saving someday, but there is no daylight saving in iran since presidient ahmadinejad this year (2006) came from no where told that "There must be no daylight saving!!!!!!!!!" (He never think about things he says :D).

Microsoft solved the iran daylight saving problem with united state daylight saving changes details can be found , but they said that windows vista has no need for update (it has the lates tzi database), but WHAT ABOUT US!! (as michael jackson said!). So I decide to DO IT YOURSELF, and I’ve made the changes regarding to , so everything is fine now, no problem and no daylight saving in VISTA!

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