DVD playback problem

If you want to run a .vob file with Media Player from any location with & (ampersand & …) in it (eq. "C:My DVD & VideosDVD1VIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.VOB") you’ll get "Windows Media Player cannot skip to the requested location on the DVD" or you’ll see "F" in "List Pane"
with a "Red Cross" on the left and if you click on the cross and then "Error Details" you’ll see the above error now.
So if you have this problem just remove the & from the location name (Rename the folder) and try again, this will solve the problem.
I’ve tested this in Windows 2003 enterprise/Windows Vista ultimate and via Windows Media Player 11/10 with Cyberlink/Microsoft/NVidia DVD decoders, all have the same problem, so by now I now this is the media player problem not the decoders, but I donot know about other players just like Cyberlink PowerDVD (oh I tested the Media Player Classic from K-Lite Codecpack this worked like a charm!!!!).
So if you know more just comment!

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