Visual Studio 2015 aspx editor error after upgrading Windows 10 Insider Builds

With some Windows 10 Insider build like 14328, when you perform the upgrade process, now each time you open your Visual Studio 2015 to access an ASPX file, the IDE gives you an error like

blah blah, see %APPDATA%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\14.0\ActivityLog.xml for more information.

if you open the ActivityLog.xml file the last line looks like

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'stdole, Version=7.0.3300.0

The solution is to reregister “stdole.dll” into your GAC folder, one way to do so is via following command

gacutil.exe /i "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft.NET\Primary Interop Assemblies\stdole.dll"

C# RedisCacheDependency Class

If you need a Fast and out of process Redis Server based Cache Dependency in your ASP.Net application, you can use my RedisCacheDependency class

class RedisCacheDependency : CacheDependency
  public RedisCacheDependency(string key) : base()
    RedisClient.GetSubscriber().Subscribe(key, (c, v) =>
        this.NotifyDependencyChanged(new object(), EventArgs.Empty);

All you need is to define RedisClient some where in your Global.asax Application_Start like

RedisClient = ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["RedisConfigurationString"]);

Pioneer ControlAV for Windows Phone

Since Pioneer don’t want to create their own “Pioneer ControlAV” for Windows Phone, so I did the honor and made the app and today it has been approved through Microsoft Windows Phone Store. You can buy it from here

Pioneer has iControlAV2 in Apple App Store (you can check it out here) and also they did published the app in Google Play for android (you can check it out here). You can find more information about this application in here.

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Windows 8 Shared Printer Driver

I’ve updated my work PC to windows 8 couple weeks ago and everything is fine but the Printer driver. We have a HP LaserJet 2200DT which is connected to Windows XP and is shared to the whole work network. And we always just connect to that computer like \\DEL2400 and then click on shared printer name called “HPLaserJ” and windows would install the driver and connect and everything was good. But in Windows 8 we I clicked on the printer “Windows Printer Installation” window opens and try to “Looking for a driver” and then “No driver found” with this description “Windows can’t find a driver for HP LaserJet 220 Series PCL on network. To locate one manually, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel and consult your …”. And here are the screen shots:

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My Experiences with Microsoft Surface RT

My company bought a Microsoft Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover, for testing purposes, and I’m gona write here about my experiences with it.

First I gotta tell you this is the Best PC Ever, and I definitely gonna buy one, either RT or Pro I haven’t decided yet.

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iOS 6 Safari and Chrome Crashing Bug

Apple has released iOS 6.0 and within has introduced lots of bugs instead of lots of features, from “Crapy Maps to Crapy Browser”.

After many people updated their iPads and iPhones to iOS 6 they had browser crashing problem (Both Safari and Chrome) with our aging web-based software. After hours of studying this new problem I’ve found that problem is this:

  • You have a web page named “index.htm” it has 3 frames (frameset or iframe), “HeaderFrame”, “BodyFrame”, “FooterFrame”.
  • In “BodyFrame” you have an anchor with its “Target” is set to “_Parent”, and point to web page with is formatted like “index.htm” but with different frames. This mean that this anchor is try to direct the whole page to new location not just the frame.

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In past couple weeks I was working on some data conversion projects which required loading data to DataSet with lots of DataTables and then using Linq I tried to join those tables and generate the results.

Mu problem was I sometimes to look at the DataSet and its DataTables in some database view, I mean like tables of a SQL Server database. I used DataSet.WriteXml to generate an Xml file from my import process so when ever I want to convert again I wouldn’t have to go through import process again.

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